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I am a super stoked user of Typeform, I basically started using it early on and met a lot of their employees across the cities (San Francisco & Barcelona - their HQ) I love their product, the free-tier is as good as it gets - I mean, lol, I am amazed by how many features they give for free. Haha If I were them I'd try to put a price on all that e-goodness mmmh !! At work I use Typeform PRO, the paid version, for everything from customer feedback to feature request and bug tracking. So what's even better now? Typeform IO! Forms with API requests.BOOM! The ability to craft forms on the fly with an API is what makes this product so amazing - I'm so making a bot for IRC and Slack with this ;)
I know Typeform. But I don't understand what this new thing does. A little more explanation on the homepage would be good. Like, in what case would it be useful? I'm not even sure what "it" is.
Hey @jonnotie! Yeah, we're working on improving our homepage to better explain what the API is. Thanks for the feedback! Basically, the API allows you to customize the typeforms before they even reach the users you're targeting. We're opening up the core of Typeform, to allow people to build whatever they want on top of our platform. This allows people to build their own form builders that would output typeforms, or make one personal typeform for every single user in your database for example. Simply put, Typeform I/O is an API for dynamically tailoring your typeforms to improve personalization and completion
How funny, you're Jonno Riekwel. I've been a fan of your UI work for many years! Just saying hi. And this is what Typeform I/O is about... Typeform I/O is a powerful set of APIs that interact with Typeform's form render engine, allowing developers to dynamically build awesome forms on the fly. It's time to take your data collection to the next level. @jonnotie
Just signed up. looks to be very helpful and solid.