Scan any TV and hear it on your phone

#1 Product of the DayDecember 21, 2014

Tunity is a free app that allows users to sync their mobile devices with low volume and/or silent TVs in order to live stream the audio directly to their phones!

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Really clever. This would be a great companion at the gym to listen to muted TV's in front of rows of elliptical machines.
Yair Kivaiko@kobaiko · CEO, Rahav Media
Love this! Wondering if they are planning to expend to more channels and countries
yaniv davidsonMaker@yanivdav · Founder, Tunity
@kobaiko Yair, we are working on it. we have 40 channels today and plan on adding 10-12 tomorrow morning. You can see the updated list in the app: '?' -> Supported Channels...you can also ask us to add channels
Yair Kivaiko@kobaiko · CEO, Rahav Media
@yanivdav Tnx for the answer mate! Would love to see Israeli channels (I have Idan+ :))
yaniv davidsonMaker@yanivdav · Founder, Tunity
@kobaiko sorry for the late reply. I hear you re Israeli channels. WOuld love to connect and get any other thoughts re the product...
Ben LangHiring@benln · Spoke
Brilliant, love to hear about the technology behind this.
yaniv davidsonMaker@yanivdav · Founder, Tunity
@benln Thanks ben - happy to connet...
This could come in really handy with Muted TVs at airports or sports bars. This is also makes a lot of sense when you're watching TV late at night and you don't want to wake anyone up. Great Idea.
Laurence Moore@mrlozmoore
slap these guys on the back. awesome product!