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Unless I'm missing something, both users have to be on Tummis to connect. Network effects are hard and I honestly don't see this inspiring people to flock to the service. Not hating, just being honest. Would love to hear others' thoughts on this. Do you have a "need" to find new people to follow? This might attract those that want to artificially increase their follower count (#followback).
@rrhoover Hi! One of the creators here. Yes, both parts have to be on Tummis to connect (and to show up in the feed). We saw a problem on Twitter, users with few followers just spam-follow/unfollow people until they get a follow back. Tummis is a place where users are able to build up a foundation and meet a lot of like-minded people on Twitter! I am happy to answer questions and since we launched a few hours ago; bug reports and feedback is really appreciated!
@gopatrik thanks for the reply. Where did the idea originally come from?
@rrhoover @gopatrik (I'm the other co-creator) Both of us love Twitter as a platform, but after convincing our friends to join, we found that they had great struggles in getting started, since tweeting to just a handful of followers were somewhat discouraging. We are focusing on becoming the onboarding experience we wish Twitter had.
@rrhoover It seems like being featured on @producthunt may have solved much of the network effect problem since I am interested in most users I see so far. Not sure how that plays out if the service grows but assuming most of the folks i see are PH users which seems to be a good indicator of people i'd likely follow...
Totally agree with @rrhoover on the network effect...BUT...I found myself totally getting hooked on it. It's so simple, and I actually am always looking for new people to follow, that this totally worked for me.
We are currently having some issues with the database speed due to this magical amount of traffic! We are trying to upgrade, but our database provider's website is down. (Not a good sign). Please be patient if you experience some sluggishness! :)
I am still not sure about the better use case behind it. @gopartik.