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Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring
Hi, I am one of the co-founders of Tripjay. We’ve seen so many people frustrated (myself included) with train ticket booking sites in the UK that we decided to build a better one ourselves. It is especially helpful when you’re looking for a quick getaway from your city - all the possible destinations are already laid out in front of you, with prices and durations. If you’ve ever tried booking a day trip on other sites, you probably know this alone can save an hour. Currently we cover all UK train routes and operators. We charge no booking fees and make it easy to find the cheapest option. Would love to hear what you think! Thank you @jakubladra for hunting us!
The prices are like 1/4 of normal. How? its a huge difference
@blakefolgado Hi Blake, we actually work with the same ticket database as train operators, trainline etc, but search and display the results differently. E.g. there are often the "same" tickets in the database for vastly different prices, we sort and display them neatly so you get the cheapest option clearly. We also make the best combinations of 2 single tickets, when cheaper than 1 return ticket etc.
@michal_zlabek Ah I see, because its showing the same trains I would get that cost £40 but on Tripjay its only £14. EPIIIIC!
Hi, I wonder what makes this better than Train Line? (
@nico_lrx Hi Nicolas, thanks for the question. 1) See all the prices and durations without a single search. On TL, when looking for a "cheap and quick day trip" for example, you have to make all these searches individually (not something you want to be doing on a Sat morning when you just want to get out) 2) We charge no booking fees 3) Cheapest ticket/combination always on top - no need to figure this out on TL's confusing timetable. We've had customers thanking us for finding "half price the competitor" tickets just because of this :)
@michal_zlabek Thanks, very interesting!