Triggers by Reply

Automatic call back prospect after email opens

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Artem Borodatyuk
@artem_borodatyuk · Entrepreneur. CEO @ Serpstat
Great idea, guys! We will try it. Nice to see how Reply becomes more and more popular :)!
@tall_netpeak · PPC Specialist
Finally you guys at Product hunt! Thanks a lot for your work and your app - it's amazing! For me, it's better than other tools for email marketing.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
@milann · Connecting people again with Wildcard 🃏
Imagine this, your prospect opens the email you've sent (i.e. through the awesome Reply software) for three or more times. 'Triggered calls' dials you in first, tells you whom you’re going to call, and which campaign the prospect is from, while giving you two options — press 1 to connect with the prospect, or 0 to decline the call. With Trigger you can stay … See more
Eugene Lata
@eugenelata · VP of Marketing at Serpstat
Wow. I love Reply App and always use it for my cold emails from the time they have been first featured here on Product Hunt. Great app and super useful feature. Thank you guys, for making this tool even better.
Good to see Reply, leader in customer relationship automation on Product Hunt. Congrats guys and keep up the good work!