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Hey, this is Mike and I'm a maker. As such, I'm always thinking about the future. But, the more I work, the more I realize that I live in a bubble. There are opportunities that I don't understand or that I just miss out on because my perception is limited to what I know. Because of this, I built a tool ( where you can discover early trends. You can browse the rising trends we have detected. Or, you can manually search any topic or keyword and immediately get an understanding of its trend. The first version of the tool was out in 2018. Back then, the only way to assess if a topic or a keyword was about to be on the rise was searching on Google trends. Eventually, more solutions started popping out that curate trends in certain industries. But, there are a few problems. The first problem is that most of them are actually newsletters, not actual tools you can use. They also have big lists of customers who receive the same trends. Thereby, the opportunities become saturated very quickly. The second is that there's not a platform where you can do your own research and receive updates about a trend that you think will be hot. With Treendly, I am trying to solve both of these problems. I want to empower you to spot and predict your own trends. Getting in early is key these days and within a few minutes, you can found a topic that is worth exploring. We also don't stop at spotting the trend but we try to predict how it will perform in the near future by using the latest technologies available. Right now we are predicting using the last 5 years of data on any topic. Whether you are someone looking for business ideas, an investor trying to assess what companies are hot or just doing some keyword research for SEO, Treendly can help you. Have questions? Ping me!
Great product! Thank you Mike!
@francesco_agostinis Glad you liked it so far! πŸš€
Awesome work mate, may I ask the main difference between yourself and meetglimpse ?
@veebuv of course you can! Thanks for asking as we differ in so many ways. First and foremost, we are an actual tool you can use, not a simple newsletter. We give our users the ability to monitor a keyword/topic over time. As a user, you can receive daily, weekly and monthly email alerts. Secondly, you can search a keyword/topic in any country and what you search stays private to you so that you can build your own private library of trends. Thirdly, each trend has so many related topics that we find by querying Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc that you can dive into. And finally, we have a beta feature where the tool forecasts how a trend will likely perform in the next 6 months.
I love this tool <3
@alessandro_coluccini Glad you liked it so far! πŸš€
My favourite tool for trend Research!
@noleisback Glad you are liking it so far, Mirko! πŸš€ Full disclosure: Mirko is a paid user already.