Discover new music by listening to a song’s best part first

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This is niiiiiice. What decides what the 'best part of the song' is though? Here is there video:
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@bentossell Hi Ben! Thanks for your question! Also, thanks to @alincatalin for hunting us on PH! Firstly, to answer your question as to WHO decides the Best part of a song, "It is any user" . Allow me to explain further :) 1. Mostly all of us have our favorite part(s) of a song, generally the one that we keep playing in loop a.k.a the "Hook" of the song. We just gave a name to the hook --> trbble 2. Any user can submit his/her trbble(s) for any song and just like imgur/reddit others get to vote on them. Based on these votes, we decide the popularity of each trbble and filter them based on genre. 3. If you like a trbble, you can RIGHT THEN & THERE, listen to the entire song on our website :) It's as simple as a click. Also, you can add them to your playlists, favorite them and share with others. Right now, we are relying on SoundCloud for our catalogue. I might just keep ranting off, so I will wait till there are further questions :)
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@wiredmau5 @bentossell @alincatalin Interesting post and take on filtering music. Like Ben, I was wondering how "the best part of the song" was determined, particularly since people like different songs, and because many listeners (like myself) have multiple favorite parts of a song. It's pretty slick though, and something where I could certainly see the reason for using the SC library. One question though: if someone likes the tribble and wants to listen to the whole song on your site, how does that work for you all in terms of legality/licensing and all that? Does it redirect to Soundcloud or..? Cool though, nice hunt.
@adammarx13 @bentossell @alincatalin Hi Adam, thanks for the kind words :) For playing the full song, there are no legal issues IF the song is streamable on SoundCloud and is not a private track! We ensure that only such songs appear in the search results to steer clear of any legal issues. If a song is removed from SoundCloud, it's reflected on our website too. In the event of playing full song, we don't redirect to SoundCloud, we just start fetching the entire song instead ;) Also, as you rightly mentioned , there are no restrictions on posting multiple trbbles of a given song, its only through the votes(up/down) of other users that the most popular trbble of that song is shown first (a lot like Youtube, where the same song can have multiple videos, but sorted by some logic). Let me know if you have any more questions :) and I hope you discover more songs through trbble. I have been following your list of artists on medium too :)
@wiredmau5 @bentossell @alincatalin Very cool man, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. And thanks, I'm working on a new one for next week! ;)
@adammarx13 @bentossell @alincatalin Sure thing! Looking forward to the new list :)
Congrats guys! Really love the concept - I've been using it for a few days now for discovery mainly and I really love what you've done so far. Love that you can also play the full song!
@alincatalin Firstly a BIG thanks to you for posting us on Product Hunt! And yes we wanted to give the user an option to play the full song without any UGLY redirects, Glad that you found it helpful :)
This would have been really helpful for me when I was Music Director at my college radio station. Back in 2006-7 I would get on the order of 40 CD's per day and would need to triage them quickly to know what was good. These were all indie bands too so you had to actually listen to them. With this potentially, you could cut out that whole process altogether of getting CD's - just let the public review new music and tag the best parts. Might be worth looking into a "pro" version for radio stations to evaluate new music. Very cool.
@andrewkemendo Thank you for checking out trbble! As you said, the aim is to let the public decide what the best part of the song is and tag it as a "preview". More so, we think it works for indie bands since people would not mind spending a 30-40 seconds on listening to the best part of their songs and then deciding if they want to listen to the entire song
This is SUPERCOOL! And she's bying a strairway to heaaaaaaaaaaaaven :)
@aramiggs :) Enter guitar Solo... Glad you liked it!
I love the idea guys! Congrats!
@simonelucidi87 Thank you so much Simone! Hope you found some trbbles of your taste :)