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Curated directory of 60 resources & tools 4 modern traveller

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Met these guys in Portugal, they are doing interesting things in the online travel space and this directory is pretty useful for anyone that still hasn't gone on holidays. "Inspired by Startup Stash, a small group of travel entrepreneurs build Traveller Stash: a curated directory of resources and tools that can help you while planning your next trip. The website is a simple way to keep up with the latest hacks & trends in terms of online travel. It currently gathers 60 handpicked products divided in 15 categories such as Flight Hacks, Hotel Booking, Backpacker Accommodation or Business Travel. The ideal tool for today's digital nomads!"
Thanks a lot @alexisbonte for posting our handpicked top 60 best resources for modern travellers & digital nomads ;)
Finally everything in one place. Super helpful!
@randibarry you should get your site @nauticnomad on this directory! great work guys, love the UI
@samdickie87 Sam you're a legend! Thank you for thinking of us! We would love to be on their directory!
@samdickie87 very true. It misses some sailing in there. That should be the next category we add!
@pierrebecerril iv already saved time using this for my trip to Sri Lanka next week. Iv been manually compiling all my resources on Evernote, painstaking process!
@samdickie87 Well Sam, you have no idea how good is to hear this :) Enjoy your trip!
Super helpful overview on the best travel products!!! I like it... Now I can finally delete my ridiculous number of bookmarks on "travel"
Hehe thanks @mibel86! Bye-Bye Travel Bookmarks would have been a good name for our directory too!
@pierrebecerril would be lovely to have a spot for people to submit their ideas or their websites for review! I know you guys are handpicking the people you choose to feature but maybe you could have a 'Submit' button for people who would love the opportunity? :) What a great idea, very clean and concise site!
@randibarry thanks Randi, cool feedback. In the next version we will definitely put a "Submit" button. One of the idea is to promote Travel Entrepreneurs vs large established companies, so more than welcome to receive recommendations! &congrats on @nauticnomad: great value proposition for a great niche market.
@pierrebecerril Thank you Pierre for the kind words! I love your idea of promoting the Travel Entrepreneurs for obvious reasons :D All be best and success. I will be submitting my website when we are ready! Cheers :)
@randibarry Hi Randi, I just added a submit form to Traveller Stash ;) Thanks for suggesting it! Have a good sunday.