TransferWise Borderless Account

Send, receive and organize your money without crazy fees

Your free multi-currency account — the easiest way to pay and get paid around the world. Say bye bye to crazy bank fees for good.

Get your borderless account today :)

Thomas Evans
Nick Engel
  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas EvansCOO, EmailOctopus

    Big savings to be made compared to letting your payment provider make the conversion.


    Payments go through at the local time of the currency, which can lead to a day lag in getting our cash back into GBP

    As a UK SaaS business who charges mainly in USD I've worked out we claw back about 1% of our MRR a month by using this (versus Stripe handling conversion)

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Moin Uddin
Moin UddinPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
For me it says 'Not available in your country yet', I thought it was supposed to be 'Borderless' 😜
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Smart move, @taavet and team. Super useful for freelancers/remote workers. With all this talk about blockchain, I'm almost surprised Transferwise doesn't support cryptocurrencies yet. 😁
Miikka Kukkosuo
Miikka Kukkosuo@miikka_k · I help ecommerce brands automate sales
Having a lot of business in the US but living in Finland in the EUR zone, I've long desired a US bank account to avoid massive fees. I visited US banks in San Francisco last year to see if I could open a local bank account for my company. Turned out it's impossible without having a permanent local office. I just had a call this week with the first Finnish bank I noticed could help with opening a US bank account. "Prepare for a LONG process," they said. Didn't even know what it'd cost. Well, I already had a Transferwise account. Today, I pressed one button and <5 seconds later I was looking at my own US bank account info. BOOM. LOVE you guys.
Julie Delanoy
Julie DelanoyPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
OMG! I've been talking to no less than five banks since last week to open an USD account in France. Their fees were incredibly high (and I'm not even talking about conversion costs.) I was looking for a safe alternative; I know TW, I'm opening a borderless account right now.
Mike Holford
Mike HolfordHunter@mikelholford
TransferWise have been an incredible resource for me having moved around a fair few times in the last few years. This is going to be seriously awesome for companies/individuals that need to manage their money around the globe! 👏 👏 👏