Transcribe any audio/video to text in minutes


Transcriber — speech recognition service that allows you to transcribe any audio/video into text in minutes.

Affordable prices and high speed, high accuracy rate (96%), telegram chat-bot for quick and easy transcriptions.

For users from Product Hunt special offer: +3 hours for transcription FOR FREE.

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Jeff Large
Dan Zaitsev
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  • Viktor Yatskin
    Viktor YatskinProduct Designer

    – Cheapest solution I've found

    – Easy to use (telegram-bot is amazing!)

    – Nice and powerful editor


    – Recognitions aren't perfect everytime

    Used this product several times to transcribe my user-interviews, it was quite smooth experience. Nice instrument to boost discovery stage for products.

    Timestamp feature is cool when your recognition isn't perfect – I use that to store and prioritize my users' feedbacks and feature-requests together with airtable.

    Viktor Yatskin has used this product for one month.
  • Jeff Large
    Jeff LargePodcast strategist, host, and producer

    Inexpensive for quick transcriptions that don't need to be 100% accurate


    No longer have access to my account and no response from customer support.

    I set up an account and purchased transcriptions through their service. However, I attempted to log in again about a week after my first transaction and my credentials no longer worked. When I attempted to reset my password, it says my email doesn't exist even though I have their activation email in my inbox. I'm not comfortable having put my payment information into a service I can no longer access. I've reached out to the company via their contact form and by responding to their listed email. No response.

    Jeff Large has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    180 minutes


    Unable to understand French

    Tried French and compared it to Trint. Trint beats Transcriber hands down.

    Yann André Gourvennec has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 



    paid the amount .count not even upload my file ,leave aside the transcription.noone is responding over mail for solution.

    cheater n bogus software

    Amit Srivastava has used this product for one day.