Transactional Email Templates by Postmark

Open source email templates for use in your SaaS app.

A collection of open source templates for welcome emails, password resets, invoices, notifications, and more.

Content ready, mobile friendly, and beautiful across all major email clients.

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Super useful. Where were you all along? ;)
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@diraq @atheken @garrettdimon Congrats on launching 🚀 how did you select the topics to cover and then generate the content accordingly?
@abadesi There wasn't much science to picking the topics. We just tried to pick the templates that would be most universal and relevant.
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Very nice, why no coupon template?
@jakegeckeler There's an element of coupons/discounts in the invoice/receipt template, but a purely coupon-based template would be a promotional email and falls into a grey area for transactional vs. bulk/promotional. This set of templates is focused purely on transactional since Postmark only sends transactional emails.
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Super nice. I wish they came with a build process like Inky has. Gulp, Sass and Pug.
@mrahmadawais We have a separate tool for that. It's actually the tool that we use to build the standard templates. It's called MailMason.
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Saves so much of time, very useful!