TrackR bravo

Locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android

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Lots of products in this space, but I think there is plenty of demand for these types of products, I wonder though what is the key differentiator for TrackR?
@acondurache Working crowd GPS network as demo'd here:
, can find phone when on silent, smallest form factor, only product using high grade aluminum for strength
The "Separation Alert" feature is interesting. Do other products have this same feature or is that unique to TrackR? @CGherb
@mccannatron I believe some other products have this feature. TrackR is alone on how much customization you can have with it and intelligent separation alert settings BTW, thanks for startup digest. Its awesome.
Why "bravo"? Can I use it indoors?
@bogomep Yep, you can use it indoors. We named it bravo because bravo because it is shouted out after a great performance.
Just curious but what's the competitive advantage to something like
@johnnyquachy you don't have to go and buy one every year. 100x larger crowd GPS network so you can actually use it to recover lost or stolen items. Android support. Can use the device to find your lost phone. And a bunch of other features.