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Tower gives you access to Git’s powerful feature set.

Tower comes with an extensive set of new features & reinvents existing ones from scratch. From Pull Requests to Interactive Rebase, it enables you to use Git with confidence & takes your productivity to a whole new level - no matter if you are a developer, a designer or a non-technical user.

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I've used Tower for years, and have been using the beta for a while, and love it! Tower 3 is definitely the best git client I've used. Great work, team :) However... I'm really in two minds about the way you've chosen to implement the new pricing model. On the one hand, I'm a proponent of subscription pricing. It keeps the company in business and gives a more consistent and dependable revenue stream, all of which are positive things. On the other hand, the pricing for this seems really high -- it's close to what the perpetual license used to cost, but now on a yearly basis (it used to be $79, while the new Basic yearly license is $69). I'm happy to pay for a product I use and enjoy, either once or in perpetuity, but I don't think you can have it both ways... either you significantly reduce the cost but charge yearly, or you keep the cost high and charge it once. I feel like Adobe understood this really well -- their products used to be too expensive to buy for many people, and they introduced a subscription model that isn't exactly cheap but is definitely within the realm of reason, which allowed people to actually afford their products. I have to think about whether I'd be willing to basically buy Tower again every year.
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@lagvin well said. I’m not incentivized to upgrade w/ this new pricing. Might as well stick with Tower 2. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
Edit: what follows is incorrect, see next replies. @lagvin This is compounded by the fact that the new license is 1 seat 1 user, you have to pay 1 license per seat, that translates to 3 seats on the basic license just for myself, which makes 210€ per year on a non-perpetual license. I like to setup complex dev envs on VMs so I don't have to reinvent the wheel on every machine I use, which won't work at all with seat based licensing. It's the price of a full blown IDE subscription with user based licensing and perpetual ownership on cancellation. It's great software, very useful, but not that useful.
@lagvin @tokyis Tower licenses are still per user, not per seat. We did not change this. If you own 3 machines, you can use Tower on all of them with the same license. No need to purchase several keys.
@lagvin @pointnova I confirmed this just now, the account manager does mention that all seats are in use after an activation which I associated with a device-locked license but each user in the list has a device count and a search of the license terms does say the license is user-based and seats aren't mentioned. It was my mistake. The fact that there is no fallback version when the subscription ends is still a huge handicap in my opinion.
Only subscription model I'm in love with is Setapp. Sorry Tower, you're the best Git client, but I don't need another subscription in my life.
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@leech I would pay for the license but not subscribe monthly too.
@leech I think the Tower team is missing one very important question on their pricing page: can I still use Tower after my subscription ends but won't receive any more updates? Or is this a full blown subscription that will render the app useless once I cancel the payments after one year? Can someone elaborate on this?
@kovah_kvh See their response below In their own words: "We switched to an annual license. However, unlike Sketch, we’re offering Tower as a standard subscription: you’ll have access to Tower as long as your subscription is active. Access to Tower ends when a subscription expires."
I've been using Tower for years and I love it. The new pricing model? Not so much. I was about to do an instant buy to show support before finding out. 🤷‍♂️ I don't want to be that guy but I don't believe every software can have a subscription based model. Sketch, while I read your point of view that their situation is different, has found balance by letting users using the software without renewing the licence. I honestly don't think I will get a licence for Tower 3. Edit: I would usually NOT comment to say this kind of stuff. I'm doing out of love for a product I've been enjoying using and recommending.
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@gregoiregilbert Hi Greg! Thank you for your feedback!
I had to chime in after reading all the negativity about the new subscription model. It comes out to $6-8 a month, that is nothing compared to all the time and trouble Tower saves most of us that use git on a daily basis. On one hand I understand the reluctance to use a product that has many competitors (some free) but on the other, I think this new model will allow the folks at Tower to really focus on making their product the most sophisticated in the market which, from what we've had a taste of so far, is very possible. As someone who uses Tower 30% of his work day, thank you Tower Team for putting so much thought and effort into the latest update, and keep the new features coming!
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@sdrzn I feel the same way. I can't believe that software developers who generally make a decent living from their profession complain about a couple of dollars per month in exchange for a sustainable sophisticated piece of software. I am more than happy to pay this amount for a software that I am using heavily on a daily basis and which saves me so much time and hassle. This is a matter of value, not money. Sure, I would have not said the same thing if they charged $60 a month. I had said goodbye just like I did to Adobe. But paying a fragment of my hourly rate per month for a software I am using intensely is just fair and helps the folks who make it continue to do so. Anyone who disagrees can use something else I guess, but should also think about how they would feel if the software they build themselves is not being rewarded and cannot provide them with a sustainable living. I feel it's absolutely reasonable what they ask and I am happy to support them.
@sdrzn @heyfrankyboy Even though I partly agree with both of you there's something to be said about subscriptions. As many have pointed out already, the problem is not really the subscription nature but rather the combination of multiple factors mainly the price (same as the old license but annually) and the rental nature of the license (once you stop paying the software stops working). The two together are not exactly the best combination. In addition to that, there's the weirdness of having different plans which, imo, doesn't make any sense for an app like Tower. Another consideration about money is the following: @heyfrankyboy you rightly said that it's unreasonable for software developer to complain about the price when they make a decent living. And you're right. But not all developers live and work in places where that decent living means > 5 or 10k a month. For some people a decent living is 1k in their country. Plus, since this subscription thing is a trend you can find yourself having to pay for a bunch of subscriptions at once. I, for example, already pay subscriptions for web fonts, storage, hosting, design tools, email and music. Those 5, 10 or 15$ adds up quickly. So yeah, you both have a fair point but the world is a weird place. ✌️
@manuelmoreale I guess pricing inequality in a globalized world is a whole other issue, that not only applies to software, but hardware, etc. So what about your web fonts, storage, hosting, music and design tools? Will they continue to work when you stop paying?
@heyfrankyboy Agree, a completely separate issue but always good to keep it in mind when we see people complaining about pricing online. As for the rest of services, most of them have free plans I can fallback to, some will stop working altogether, some will keep working and that's fine. I knew it going in so it wasn't a surprise. Most of them didn't switch from one business model to the other. Except for Sketch but they have a better subscription model imo. Anyway, thankfully there are plenty of other options. I own a license of Tower 2 and I personally won't get a subscription for Tower 3 but that's just me 😊
@sdrzn thank you for your support Saoud!
Hello Product Hunt! We started Tower with the goal to make Git’s powerful feature set accessible to developers, designers, and also non-technical people. Today, we’re super excited to announce a new major version of Tower for Mac and Windows. The new release comes with an extensive set of new features and reinvents many existing features from scratch. To highlight a few: - Pull Requests for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket - Interactive Rebase, a powerful way to rewrite the history of a repository - Quick Actions, a unique feature that makes using the app much more productive The new version also introduces a completely new UI concept that makes navigating through your Git repository as easy as browsing the web. In addition, you can look forward to substantial improvements to Tower’s performance and its existing features. The Mac and Windows version are both native apps and can be used on both platforms with one license. For a limited time only you can benefit from our special launch pricing and get a 20% discount on the new Tower! If you’ve been part of our beta or own a license of Tower 1 or Tower 2, you will even receive a 50% discount on the new Tower! We’d love to hear your feedback. Download the free trial and let us know what you think!
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@pointnova Am I correct in seeing you've switched the payment model to yearly rather than one-time? Is this similar to the Sketch model where you can keep using it but stop getting updates if you cease paying?
@ryan_roberts1 Hi Ryan, yes, you are correct. We switched to an annual license. However, unlike Sketch, we’re offering Tower as a standard subscription: you’ll have access to Tower as long as your subscription is active. Access to Tower ends when a subscription expires. Sketch’s model works for them because it’s connected to their own file format; with older Sketch versions, the newer file formats can’t be opened anymore. This (obviously) doesn’t work for us, which is why we decided to go with a standard subscription.
@ryan_roberts1 @pointnova the Agenda cash cow model should offer the benefits that your launch email proclaims, without antogonising your users:
@pointnova i feel disappointed by tower creators. They never say during the beta period it's going to be a rent-software-model; it was undercover until was too late. Also, you need to pay for the promise of frequents updates. If they don't deliver, nothing can be done. Probably they think "i prefer 100 customers at $70, than 500 at $29". I saw a few tweets from tower saying "try us for 1 year and you will see...". There is promises everywhere, all it's about believe in a company who "betrayed" you 5 minutes ago. I'm still going to be use the software because is excellent quality, but i wish i will be treated with more respect as an actual customer. Of course is not about money, if you read my words again, it's about trust and deception, on todays world when everyone is trying to go over you and take advantage, we have another demonstration here (yeah, you can call me liberal, naive or whatever you want).
@martinm5 Hi Martin, I'm sorry you feel this way and thank you for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate your feedback on this!