Stream Torrents to your AppleTV

#3 Product of the DayJuly 27, 2014
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Has anyone gotten this to work? The app launched, and did take control of my Apple TV. I tried a few torrent files (though no magnet links) for a movies in a variety of formats ranging from 500MB to 3GB. Each one sat for ~5 minutes (with no indication of any progress being made). (I tested them with Transmission which downloaded the files quickly). Then I tried with local files, it told me an mp4 was an incompatible format, and a different mp4 worked. (The first one worked via iTunes of course). Presumably (as this is open source) I could get a build and change some settings to maybe make it work? Can't do it in the packaged download—so there is no way to change ports/limit the number of connections, etc that you expect from a torrenting app. Also, the app floats, so it's always on top of active windows. For reference, I'm running 10.9.3 on this machine. I'll try testing with some different setups I have later today.
TorrentTV never worked reliably for me. I switched to using which works fine with Gen 3 AppleTV. Not sure if its compatible with Gen 4 yet - will let you know once I get mine delivered.