Topology Eyewear

Custom-fit glasses– sized by a 3D face scan, from any iPhone

Topology Eyewear uses face scanning to make custom-fit glasses directly from your iPhone. Upload a selfie and the the app makes a 3D model of your face. Then simply style your frames to suit your face shape and we'll make your glasses from scratch in San Francisco– RX lenses included.

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I created Topology Eyewear because stock eyewear simply doesn’t fit most people. That’s why those off-the-shelf frames pinch, rub, and slide down your nose. We’ve spent 3 years innovating in both software and hardware to be able to make premium quality eyewear, one-at-a-time, perfectly sized and sculpted for one person at a time. And now it is ready for you. I’m delighted to make our work available to you today, and for 48 hours only, I’d like to offer you this special “Product Hunt Edition” to celebrate. (See pix) We are also offering the Product Hunt Edition at 10% discount on our full price, so to find out how to get yours, please visit: I’m looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback. Oh, and if you want any help choosing, just use the share feature in the app to post to social media, tag @topologyeyewear and we’ll pitch-in with advice. Download the app TODAY: (Note: we're only available for the moment in the US iOS App Store, and we're mainly optimized for iPhone. If you're outside the US, or use Android, do follow us on our social media pages or sign-up on our website to be notified when we expand globally or to other platforms). Thanks!
One other important point to mention: WE'RE HIRING! Yep, we currently have positions for rockstar iOS developers, Growth Marketers and Creative Content Marketers. Come on over to to read more and apply. Remember we actually make every pair of glasses from scratch in central San Francisco, so in addition to working with our killer team of humans, you get to work alongside our robots, lasers, tumblers and more. It really is awesome to be a part of.

When I heard about this company, I immediately got it since bad-fitting eyewear is a pet peeve of mine. Great solution, guys.


Custom-fit glasses just for my face. I don't wear any other pairs now.


Will more styles be available?

For people who use eyewear, uncomfortable glasses is a very popular problem. So, in my opinion, this is very creative and game-changing.
@hr_ant99 Thanks! As many people know, the eyewear industry is controlled by a very small number of very large companies. The worst sin of these monopolies is that they haven't even tried to improve the experience of wearing eyeglasses in generations! We're excited to get in there and mix it up.
@hr_ant99 Thanks for the validation! It's so rewarding to know, after years of relentless hard work and focus on this singular issue (by all the members of the Topology team), that the end result of our efforts truly resonates with real customers.
It is very convenient
@margaret_beattie That's what we are aiming for! Anyone that has spent hours trying to find their one needle in the haystack of glasses at an optical store knows what this can do for them. ;)