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Seems done really well 👍 I've created something similar (definitely with less attention on details) open source and just for fun, using MJML markup language (seems like you're using it too) http://grapesjs.com/demo-mjml.html
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@artur_arseniev Hey Artur! Thank you. Indeed our tool is based on slightly re-configured MJML. We are contributing for a long time. Nice work you've done!
@artur_arseniev Great work! I'm just looking for an open sourced web builder recently...
Hey y'all, we are excited to be launching Topol.io today 🚀. If you have ever tried to build your own HMTL e-mail template or you don't like all the old WYSIWYG-like editors out there we're here to help! With our drag-and-drop tool you can easily bulid beautiful e-mails in a matter of minutes. Simply choose a pre-designed layout and start building your own. We are happy to listen to all of your comments, needs and suggestions to make our tool even better!
@jan_t Hey, loved the editor :) I would like to embed in our CMS, how can I get started.
@arjunz Hi Arjun, just write us more details to get@topol.io ;-)
@jan_t send the details via email.
Congrats, guys! This tool is AMAZING! I work with Audience Development for the MailOnline, so I deal with commercial emails/newsletters everyday. I've tested all modules (2 col, 3 col, text, button, etc) you have on litmus and it's really good! There's just a few things that outlook wouldn't pick up (e.g.: right font on H1) but outlook is always a pain. How the heck you're not monetizing this? You SHOULD get at least people to give out their email to use the tool. It's too good to be completely free. Well done and keep up with the good work!
@thiagoafram Hey Thiago. Thank you! There is an option for embedding our editor into your product, provided you will buy a licence. That is the only way how we monetize this. We are e-mail pros and we love to share our product for free. And if you like it, we will be launching our own beautiful email and omni-channel marketing service soon. ;-)
Is this a separate tool, or can it be integrated as a builder into other services (such as Mailchimp)? Or do you simply build up an email template here, and then upload it to your email client as custom HTML?
@alina_karnaukh Yes, you can simply dowload the result as HTML (zipped archive with images is coming) and then use it in your favorite e-mail service provider ;-)
This. is. amazing! Only critique at first glance is that the starting templates are pretty complex, would love to see a much more minimal template to start out with for simple notification style emails.
@bryangoldberg Thank you Bryan. Good catch, we'll add some minimalistic templates, no problem.
@jan_t @bryangoldberg Or even an option to start from scratch and add the modules one by one?