Topic Research helps content marketers discover the most popular content on the web and find the best ideas for future content. The tool reveals hundreds of headlines that will resonate with audience most. On top of that, you’ll get a list of most frequently asked questions to make sure your content addresses your audience’s biggest pain points.

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Greetings, Product Hunt! First things first, thank you Kevin @kwdinc for hunting Topic Research, I’m thrilled to join this community for the very first time! I’m the maker of Topic Research, and also I am the leading product manager of many SEMrushs’s SEO tools that are a part of SEMrush’s diverse toolkit. Yet, having worked in the industry for years, it has become clear to me that there is one thing that pretty much unites all things SEO and all things digital – content. So, I started talking to various content marketing professionals, from content strategists to actual content creators, and there was one pain point that came up in every interview – in an oversaturated digital space, it’s hard to find: The pain points and challenges of your audience The correct, yet unorthodox angle for your story And that’s how the idea of Topic Research was born. I wanted to help content marketing professionals overcome that very first fear they face when actually beginning to create content – the fear of staring at a blank page and not knowing what to write about. So I wanted to create an intuitive, simple, yet powerful tool (every suggestion is measured with metrics) that can help with the initial “ideation/original angle research” step of every writer’s process. Please feel free to leave any comments, ask questions, and provide your sincere feedback – just to let you know, the tool development process at SEMrush is largely based on user feedback, so all of your comments will be considered in our further development! And to make your job easier, I would love to offer you a special two-week access to the entire SEMrush suite, so that you have the unique chance to test Topic Research, and maybe some other tools that grab your attention. Just follow this link ( ) and enter the promo code TOPICRESEARCH-D3RNW685. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
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@kwdinc @maria_belkina К сожалению, введенный промокод использовать нельзя. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу, чтобы мы смогли вам помочь! TOPICRESEARCH-D3RNW685. TOPICRESEARCH-D3RNW685 Пробовал оба варианта.
@vigodnee hi, Aleksey! Could you, please send me ( an email with the email address you've registered with!
Very well done Maria for the Topic Research tool, a very good #SEO tool, so hat's off to you for this one! @kwdinc @maria_belkina @semrush
Love it! As a fellow customer of SEMrush, loving this tool already! Well done guys you’ve nailed it!
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@nathanhchan Thank you for your commentary, Nathan! We will continue doing our best!
@nathanhchan Thank you so much, Nathan! If you have any ideas on how we can make it even better, please let me know:)

I am a bit fan of what SEMRush done with our industry in last 10 years. SEMRush is an example of a perfect amalgamation of many features that still makes sense. Topic Research stand in line with this philosophy! I salute you all guys! :)


Absolutelly brillian idea


Nothing to say here

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Lukasz, thank you so much! It's a pleasure to hear such words from you! :)
Lukasz, thank you so much for your kind words and for the tons of great ideas and feedback you've shared with us:)

The topic research done for "car insurance" in Australia (desktop) showed some nice ideas... brand terms... roadside assistance, ctp insurance, accidental damage....

The ability to hide unsuitable terms or drill down into these terms for more detail is also great. I love the headlines and questions that are generated based on that term along with the related terms similar to answer the public. If you are really stuck they also offer some long tail related searches that are perfect to dive deeper into a particular topic.

In card mode you get suggestion heads, questions and related searches for that particular query which is great when you are looking for very high level terms.

I also tested the tool in dutch as most tools struggle outside of English and found it managed to produce a fair number of great topic suggestions. Well done folks!


Global coverage so covers more than just English and much more actionable than answer the public &


Requires a paid account, also slow to process data

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David, I’m flattered by your review:) Data quality for all languages has been our top priority since day one and I’m glad that our effort in algorithm tweaking has been useful! We’ll keep up with data improvement and we’re always thinking how to analyze the data faster than we’re doing it now:)
Thanks for such detailed review, David! We will keep trying to do our best and create most helpful features :) P. S. You can research up to three topics even on a free tariff. And for Product Hunt users we offer a special two-week access to the tool :) Here is the link to follow ( and the promo code to enter TOPICRESEARCH-D3RNW685.

I've been hooked on SEMrush for a number a few years now. This recent addition, the "Topic Research" is another killer tool in the long list of really useful and relevant must have tools in the SEMrush toolset.

The way you can just enter your keyword, and then select your location, right down to the city, and get a list of relevant topics, is so useful. I will be using this every day.

The idea of showing results in either cards or in a mind map, is a great idea. Each view actually shows different information which makes the two options very handy.

Also the ability to enter a domain and get content ideas for that is really a cherry on the top. And once you have run it, you can click the little down arrow and expand the topics further.

Each of the headlines shown also has a link to the website it comes from so you can go to their site and check it out.

With a list of topic related questions, it makes it so easy to include in the copy of any article.

This tool will surely give me the competitive advantage I'm looking for!

My only fear is that if all the other SEOs hear about this tool, they might all start getting a real competitive advantage too ;)


Peter Mead


Very easy to use, simply enter your key phrase and watch the magic


You need some kind of an SEMrush subscription, which is actually easy to sign up for.

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Peter, thank you so much for your feedback:) I'm really excited that you're finding it useful. If you see anything we can do to make it even better, please don't hesitate to DM me:)
What countries/languages does this tool work for?