Top Five Domains

Discover makers' best domains and share your own.

Top Five Domains is a place to discover makers' best domains and share your own. You can 😎 Show off your five best domains. πŸ’Έ Get bids from other makers. πŸ”’ Sell them. If you want.

For makers, from makers!

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Alternative tagline: A social network for domain squatters. 😝 I kid, but this is cool and creative.
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@rrhoover haha, all kidding aside, you got a point. is aimed at makers, as we believe they have the best intentions in mind but not always get the chance to do something with the domains they bought. We've really seen a lot of cool domain names so far :D It sparked some ideas just by browsing through them. I hope others feel the same!
Hello fellow makers! We (@joshuajansen and me) have been talking a lot about how too many good domain names are hidden somewhere in a registrars' control panel. But it was this tweet from @marckohlbrugge ( that sparked our interest. We liked seeing what domain names Marc was sitting on and especially liked the part of his (self-proclaimed) top 5. So we set out to create a platform where makers can share their best domains with fellow makers. And unlike other registrars, we wanted to put the person behind the domain into the spotlight. For makers, from makers. The result is We recently added the possibility to like domains as well as to place bids on them. The most exciting thing we're currently looking into is a lease until buy model, brought up by @andreasklinger. But In the mean time we invite you to join us in our journey towards a more transparent and social platform for sharing domain names. We're looking forward to seeing what kind of awesome domains you're holding! See you at TopFive.Domains Yann & Joshua
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My personal top 5 of your top 5. So meta πŸ‘€ πŸ€– by 🚒 by πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ by πŸ‘Œ by ⁉️ by
@yannschaub Glad to be in your top 5 with just one domain! :)
Fun, but needs to be in $ by default, not €
@highaced Good morning america :D Thanks for the feedback, we'll add a way of switching currencies.
@yannschaub I'm actually in Europe :) But domain trading is mostly done is USD and you'll get a better global reach. I think what you're doing is a great idea, keep going.
@highaced True that! Thanks for the feedback.
I like this lots. One suggestion - maybe add the contents of this page ( into the terms. It might just be me, but once I read this I was like this looks really legit. I first looked for it in the terms, and was entirely confused.
Thanks a lot @ebrahimkhalil! Great feedback regarding the (legal) copy. To get this product out of the door we went for fairly standard privacy policy and terms of service templates. However, it definitely makes sense to make these a bit more human-readable and tailored to our service. For now we'll at least make our β€œhow it works” page is a bit more prominent! πŸ‘
@joshuajansen πŸ‘ thanks for the response. and yes, always to have a product in the wild!