Toddler's Audio Player

A super simple music player for kids who can't read yet πŸ‘Ά

Lets your preschoolers choose music by themselves!

Add tracks from your device to Toddler's Audio Player, assign images and switch to the child mode. That's it, a super simple player that even a baby can handle is ready!

βœ” Pick and play a track by simply tapping on the image associated with it. Another tap on the image pauses the playback.

βœ” Enable the app's "child lock" and it won't let the kid start another app, make a phone call or change settings.

βœ” Limit the maximum volume of each track/folder individually or set a fixed volume that

cannot be changed in the child mode.

Hi hunters! I'm really excited to present my first app! The app was originally written for home use only, for my daughter Eva. She's a real music and audio stories addict. We've been using SweetPea3 MP3 hardware player since she was 1,5 and I think it's a really good product. But as she grew older, she wanted to pick tracks herself, and it's not easy with children's players, since you can only skip to a next track, but not pick one directly. Uploading files to the player was also a hassle. I searched for a suitable app, but couldn't find any kid friendly music player app. Then I decided to write my own. I'm an industrial automation software engineer and though, I know a few programming languages, I didn't code mobile apps before. So a year ago I've started learning Android programming from scratch. It took me 5 months (could work only evenings) to come up with the first version. Eva was delighted, finally she could easily pick songs/stories herself. That encouraged me to make it a full-fledged app that others could also use. I still have a long todo-list of features to implement, including integration with Spotify and Deezer, playing web streams... and much more. Will gradually code them and update the app. My dream is to quit my current job and become a full-time mobile developer. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the app and what could be improved. Thanks!
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This is a great idea! Since I have two toddler kids we’ve been experiencing the same issue with music players. Will try it out!!! Good luck!!!