Titan is a mobile investing app built like a hedge fund, without the high fees or requirements of a traditional fund. The founding team has deep expertise in the industry and was frustrated that everyday investors were left behind.

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Hey makers, What makes this different, or better even, than something like Wealthfront or TDAmeritrade investing platforms?
@jacqvon I'd love to hear @cgardn20 's thoughts! @virtualclay
@jacqvon Hi there! Titan is an active investment manager -- we invest your money directly into the most favored stocks owned by top long-term focused hedge fund managers. This strategy provides you with the opportunity for above-average returns, and you own actual fractional shares of stock (rather than ETFs/indexes). Titan provides you daily insights and updates on what's driving your money and why, all inside the app. It feels like your own personal hedge fund manager in your pocket. That's very different than other robo-advisors because they provide average returns and very hands-off investing ("set it and forget it"). They tend to believe only in passive investing, whereas Titan acknowledges that many folks want to invest actively and participate in the markets (vs. purely a chore to get finished). Hope that helps!
@jacqvon @cgardn20 this seems like a wonderful idea for a product, have not seen much success with the AI based investment products. A revamp of traditional investment system seems a good first step.
Beautiful app! I've used Digit, Stash, Betterment, Acorns and Motif and this ranks up there with one of the cleanest UIs. Just went through the onboarding flow and was impressed by how effortless it was. Curious, can you link multiple bank accounts to your Titan account? FWIW, once you link a bank account in the app it's unclear how to change or modify that linked account. Best of luck, makers.
@dannygreer thanks for the kind words! We'll have the functionality for multiple bank account linking shortly :) if you'd like to change/modify your linked account in the meantime, you can shoot us a shoot at support@titanvest.com and we'll get it taken care of straight away!
What are the minimum investment requirements?
@willgallahue We currently have a $1,000 minimum investment.
Is it limited to US only?
@dionisis_koles We're currently US-only, but hoping to expand abroad in the future!
@cgardn20 Like all good things, I'm a Greek, living in Thailand. Don't think it'll be anytime soon. Best of luck to you guys. Looks great.
@dionisis_koles @cgardn20 HI, so if I am French I cannot invest on Titan? When exactly do you think it would be possible? Thx !

Would highly recommend trying Titan out.


Solid investment management strategy, Beautiful UI, Responsive Team, Low fees


Slightly limited feature set to start, but all of the functionality you 'need' is there today.