Stop writing essays in your emails

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My friend @Altimor has been talking my ears off about how annoyed he was by people writing super long emails, and now it looks like he's decided to stop complaining and start building instead I like his solution, it's an elegant way to nudge people into writing shorter emails! :)
@adrienm really good idea...would love to see how it's diff on mobile...same text = more time b/c of more scrolling?
Hey everyone, maker of TinyMails here, I stand at your disposal if you have any question :)
@altimor Looks fun and useful :)
@altimor I want this but *also* HOW LONG I've spent writing a particular email with a customizable threshold that it turns red at!
Excellent Idea! The "Time To Read" info Gives you more empathie when you write your email
Does this have an option to compare the length of the original email vs your reply? That would be sweet!
When reading time count exceeds 2 minutes it should switch to infinity.