A job board for women to find the best jobs in tech & design

TinyGigs is a curated comunity of women makers and an open job board trying to help women find the best jobs.

If you need help with a project or you are looking for your next coworker TinyGigs can help you get in touch with an amazing pool of talented women makers (developers, designers, marketers etc).

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    I like the women oriented aproach and how TinyGigs offers both a curated comunity and a job board


    It needs more jobs on the job board - but I guess this will come with time since it's just launched.

    I really think both the comunity and the job bord can become great ways to reach out and find talented women.

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👋 Hey hunters, my name is Anda and I'm really glad to have my very first tiny project launched here on PH. 👩‍💻 TinyGigs started as a curated community of women makers (designers, developers, marketers, etc) looking to find exciting new projects to work on, in their spare time or even full time. Based on the feedback received, and also since there doesn't seem to be an open job board focused on women makers I thought that I could also create a simple job board to help women everywhere. I'm really excited to get your feedback and if you know somebody interested to hire some really capable and talented women, please feel free to visit https://www.tinygigs.co and https://www.tinygigs.co/jobs
So is this site suggesting women need extra help to find tech jobs? I think this is a low blow to women, by thinking they aren't capable of competing with out hand holding. I have worked with many talented female developers and gone to many conferences and listened to them teach. Not one of them said they needed special help to land jobs or a discriminatory website to give them a chance. This implies women are unable to do it on their own and need help. I strongly disagree that women are weak or need help to succeed in any field. /rant
@rdbrdd I am sorry but where is it that the website suggested "women aren't capable of competing with out hand holding" ?
@iamtekeste Too me the thought that women need a segregated/separated place to find jobs implies that they were/are not capable of competing when non women are present. Which isn't true. Women are totally capable and able. If women are capable and able to compete then why would they need to be segregated out of the main market?
@rdbrdd are people who work remotely less capable or need special help to land a job if there are sites focused on that? I don't think anyone suggested that women are not capable - on the contrary - but I actually see it as a really great way for companies to reach out to an amazing pool of women looking for a job change
@alincatalin your comparison is wrong there are sites focused on remote work because remote workers have certain advantages(being cheap is the most important one), and the days of the local office are numbered in the 21st century(just google it, I won't enumerate the reasons here) so if you're going to build a site exclusively for women then maybe you should explain why hiring a woman is better than hiring a man, otherwise, it just seems that women are not capable of finding a job(and I strongly disagree with this because I worked with really talented women). My point is that this site must have a reason. If I want to hire developers for my product, why should I go to tinygigs and hire only women instead of going to freelancer.com and hire the best bids? This is the most important question that the website must answer. Also, if someone would build a website just like this but exclusive for men, how would that look like? PS: The fact that I don't understand the reason for the site doesn't mean that one doesn't exist or that it won't be successful. Launching a product is already a win so congrats for that!
Love the simple interface, very refreshing
Wish you all the best. I think it is great to be innovative and try new things. IMHO - this is not so new, too expensive and not so user-friendly.
You are setting a bad precedent that women need special attention in order to compete with their male counterparts in the job market. Tech unlike other sectors is about skill, nothing more... Then again when hiring for tech, gender is the least of anyone's priorities... Nice UI though...