Hey guys, Tyler here. I've been working on Tiny Bank for the past year or so and I'm very excited to finally be entering the beta stage! Tiny Bank was born out of my own frustrations as a multiple income stream entrepreneur. I needed a place to organize all of my bank and credit accounts and sort things by categories. I don't struggle so much with saving which is the problem tools like Mint and YNAB are trying to solve. I struggle with sorting things out. With taking all my income and expenses and seeing, sorting and managing them. Quickbooks is too much and all the other tools are solving a problem I don't have. What I need is an inbox for my money. So that's what I'm building. I've been using it myself and while it still needs a fair number of features it's ready for feedback from a larger audience. So sign up and try it out! It'll be free while in beta.
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@tyvdh Hey Tyler - is it available to PHers that sign up?
@bentossell Absolutely! Anyone who signs up will get an invite within 24hrs
@tyvdh Signed up. Can't wait to check it out! Been a long time YNAB user and it helped with crushing some debt, but it's not great for entrepreneurs with variable cash flow.
@goaliegirl Exactly. Looking forward to your feedback!
@tyvdh is it international or US only?
Sadly, I don't live in the US, so I won't be able to use it, but it looks like a wonderful app. Love how you're solving your own problem, there's definitely a market for this. Wish you all the best, Tyler!
@janklimo That's so kind of you to say! Sorry we're not available for you. Some day. *fingers crossed*
Nice concept! This is exactly what I need!
Looks like a major problem solver for someone like me with multiple income stream. Signed and and patiently waiting for he invite :)
@khaliphj Can't wait to have you on board. Looking forward to your feedback!