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The Next Level of Tinder: Undo + Passport

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Bennett Wong
Bennett Wong@ennsu · Digital Designer
On top of 'Undo' and 'Passport', tinder plus will also remove ads. "But there aren't any ads on tinder", you say. Well, there will be. I think the ad module is more interesting than these new features, as there is potential for some hyperlocal targeting / serving. But yes, interesting move overall! Tinder was originally Match.com's sneaky 'gateway' product for subverting the youth demographics stigma of online dating, and could now potentially be a much more valuable channel than match.com itself.
Brett Goldstein
Brett Goldstein@thatguybg · Corp Dev, Google
There really needs to be a good non-dating Tinder-like app with Passport. This is super useful for meeting locals and planning ahead when traveling, but I wonder if it would actually work if there were no sexual undertones..
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@thatguybg Lots of apps like that coming out all the time :) None ever get enough traction because [reasons] but there's always a flavor of the month.
Ross@GoLocalApps@golocalapps · GoLocalApps
@thetylerhayes yeah agree. Really a tough field. Same with all of the travel planning and travel sharing sites. Everyone tries to tackle it, nothing really reaches mass traction. Granted I'm a firm believer in niche products that can support themselves even if there isn't a big payday.
Mike Bestvina
Mike Bestvina@mbesto · Professional Utility Infielder
@thetylerhayes @golocalapps the problem with those type of travel sites (Tripl comes to mind @pjsullivan3 ) is that no one uses them enough to remember to continuing using them. The natural churn is extremely hard to overcome.
Adam Sigel
Adam Sigel@adamsigel · Product @Hometap_, Founder @bosproduct
Good product video. Tinder's already well known to anyone who will see it, so it's not spending much time explaining features and spending a LOT of effort pitching the life you could be living with Tinder+.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@adamsigel Yeah I like the video. Heartwarming.
Darren J Smith
Darren J Smith@darrenux · Founder, Pillow.io
As a Digital Nomad™, Tinder has been a very valuable tool helping me meet locals and experience new cultures! The Passport feature is awesome... I can plan ahead and find someone to pick me up at the airport on arrival! :-P I also think their monetisation model is clever- focusing on wealthy users who travel without alienating users who cannot afford to do so. I really hope they don't balls things up with too many adverts.
Shlomo Fellig
Shlomo Fellig@shlomofellig · Founder, Outgrow.me
Setting a limit on the number of "Likes" a user can make under the freemium model seems like a pretty drastic shift.