Tinder Plus

The Next Level of Tinder: Undo + Passport

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On top of 'Undo' and 'Passport', tinder plus will also remove ads. "But there aren't any ads on tinder", you say. Well, there will be. I think the ad module is more interesting than these new features, as there is potential for some hyperlocal targeting / serving. But yes, interesting move overall! Tinder was originally Match.com's sneaky 'gateway' product for subverting the youth demographics stigma of online dating, and could now potentially be a much more valuable channel than match.com itself.
There really needs to be a good non-dating Tinder-like app with Passport. This is super useful for meeting locals and planning ahead when traveling, but I wonder if it would actually work if there were no sexual undertones..
@thatguybg Lots of apps like that coming out all the time :) None ever get enough traction because [reasons] but there's always a flavor of the month.
@thetylerhayes yeah agree. Really a tough field. Same with all of the travel planning and travel sharing sites. Everyone tries to tackle it, nothing really reaches mass traction. Granted I'm a firm believer in niche products that can support themselves even if there isn't a big payday.
@thetylerhayes @golocalapps the problem with those type of travel sites (Tripl comes to mind @pjsullivan3 ) is that no one uses them enough to remember to continuing using them. The natural churn is extremely hard to overcome.
Good product video. Tinder's already well known to anyone who will see it, so it's not spending much time explaining features and spending a LOT of effort pitching the life you could be living with Tinder+.
@adamsigel Yeah I like the video. Heartwarming.
As a Digital Nomad™, Tinder has been a very valuable tool helping me meet locals and experience new cultures! The Passport feature is awesome... I can plan ahead and find someone to pick me up at the airport on arrival! :-P I also think their monetisation model is clever- focusing on wealthy users who travel without alienating users who cannot afford to do so. I really hope they don't balls things up with too many adverts.
Setting a limit on the number of "Likes" a user can make under the freemium model seems like a pretty drastic shift.