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How does this handle to "surge pricing" spikes?
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@gloftus1 It'd be cool if you could specify what surge rate you'd tolerate before having it cancel your ride.
@gloftus1 You get a notification of the amount when it shows up, and you can accept it through the app. We could make it so it auto accepts up to an amount - although not sure if Uber wants us to do that ;).
@shaw_nelson - this has some similarities to UberEVENTS which launched a few weeks ago. Are you worried that Uber might build this functionality? If they do, what's your plan?
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@rrhoover It certainly has crossed our minds! Currently, there’s demand for this feature because it doesn’t exist in Uber. Building this app has certainly opened our eyes to the ride sharing landscape. If Uber do decide to build this functionality, there are other tangential rider & driver problems we could solve
Hey Product Hunters! If you're like us, not being able to order Uber rides in advance has always been a hassle. So we created an app that would schedule them to arrive at the right time. Introducing TimeTravel! We book the rides so you don't have too. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
@shaw_nelson since you can't guarantee driver availability, how is this better than me pulling out my phone and hailing an Uber myself when I need one?
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@chrismessina @shaw_nelson Exactly, it's not like Uber gave them special privileges. Pretty sure this just sets a timer and calls the Uber on zero. Lets you take care of that button press now rather than later I guess.
@chrismessina @shaw_nelson We can't absolutely guarantee ride availability, however, 95% of the time it will work exactly as expected!
I've wanted this feature forever. There are so many fixed meetings and fixed events in my calendar. The idea of being able to set my uber schedule at the top of the day and just walk in and out of buildings/ubers would be a game-changer for me. Excited to try it out.
@julianmiller Awesome! Let us know how it goes :)
This looks awesome. I user uber a lot, but I've never felt the need to pre book something. But I see how it can be useful. It would be awesome if you could kind of give the user an idea for when it get be useful. Like, in what situation will I need it? Because if I see a reason, I'm more likely to install it and use it when that time comes.
@jonnotie here's a use case I've dealt with: early morning airport run just outside of major Uber concentration. I would argue any time one isn't able to get an Uber instantly this can be an advantage.
@ryanmac @jonnotie @shaw_nelson I assume they are just waiting to request at that time, so while I agree that would be a killer use case, I don't think this would help.
@jonnotie We try and sync the request so that the ride arrives when you need it. Good for use cases when Uber availability is sporadic or you may have a long wait time. I also use it for ordering an Uber to arrive just as I'm finishing a meeting, without having to pull out my phone during the meeting.