Timepage by Moleskine

A smart calendar with weather forecasts, maps and contacts

#4 Product of the DayMay 28, 2015

Who doesn't need a smart calendar app in their life? Moleskine Timepage is your daily productivity booster. It combines your important tasks, calendar, events, maps, contacts, and weather into a beautiful, smooth application that help you manage your schedule.

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Hey Product Hunters! We’re pumped to announce our collaboration with Moleskine that has been in the works for quite a while. It’s a calendar and weather app called Timepage, available today for iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s only just been released onto the App Store a few minutes ago so it won’t appear in search yet (direct link should work) - we just wanted to give PHers some early notice! Does the world need another calendar app? We think it does :-) Some time ago, we were wondering why most calendar apps kind of felt the same. We realised one of the reasons is because they usually take the calendar data directly from iOS instead of syncing natively. Timepage syncs with Google/iCloud/Exchange directly which allows us to control the UX more, especially with features like adding events. We did a lot of research into how people use calendar apps and found a few weird common behaviours, like when people organise a meeting they’d open the iOS Notes app and write the info like “meeting with dave 3pm tuesday” instead of opening their calendar because it just took too long. We use natural language processing for adding events and while we certainly aren’t the first to use that technique in a calendar, we’ve really tried hard to make it as frictionless as possible. We also found when people visualised their week ahead, they’d see each day as a discrete block of time, regardless of whether it was full of events or empty. This didn’t match how most calendars show a schedule, so we made our timeline view more akin to the natural way people think about time. People are understandably very particular about what they like in a calendar and Timepage probably isn’t for everyone (we don’t have a traditional little month grid, for example) but we hope people might find our approach refreshing. Here to answer any questions or comments! Ben
Also shout out to @joshmobleymusic for the incredible sound design (you’ll recognise his awesome work from Clear and many other great apps).
@hamey Hey Ben, Timepage looks gorgeous and it's a fresh experience indeed. I personally would like to have some integrations with other apps to fit into a custom productivity pipeline (for ex, I use Zapier to push tagged conversations from Intercom to Todoist for a reply reminder, then Sunrise grabs it via a native integration and puts it in my day schedule).
@vladzima Thanks so much Vlad, really appreciate the feedback! We've got a big list of integrations that we'd like to do, we wanted to try nail the core calendar experience first before rolling them in but they are very much a priority. That sounds like an interesting pipeline you've got setup, are there any other specific integrations that would help you simplify your workflow?
@hamey I sure understand that integrations are not your priority while building new type of experience, which is absolutely reasonable. Integration with Apple Mail would be nice but I suppose you already know this :)
@vladzima Totally, I'd use the hell out of that myself!
Hey Ben, you have such big competitors in this space, whats your marketing strategy to compete?
Thanks for trying to keep this category of apps interesting with your approach. While this type of presentation isn't for me, just like you pointed out in your comments, I do see the need for different approaches to fulfilling a need. I hope this is successful for you!
@fbara Hey Frank, that's a really nice way of putting it - appreciate the sentiment! We do feel the category is stale and are hoping to mix it up. Thanks again :) Ben
Awesome. It illustrates time as a continuum.
Mailbox changed the way I handle email and it's been my only client since launch now. Looking forward to trying this today as I haven't found any calendar app to change the way I manage my time.
@fredsoneya Thanks Fred - we’ve often used that example when creating Timepage actually! The opportunity definitely has parallels. Looking forward to seeing what you think! :-)