Timeless | Meditation 2.0

Guided meditation + personal practice timer

Timeless’s redesign is a major step forward. With new features, a streamlined UI, and an emphasis on minimalist design, Timeless is the ideal app for serious meditators and newcomers alike.

Here’s what’s new:

+ Guided session filter

+ In-depth Progress dashboard

+ iPad support

+ Apple Watch enhancements

+ Cloud Sync, new practice bells, and more.

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Arthur Van Siclen
Designer. Meditator. Rock climber.
Hi all! When we stepped into the redesign process, our goal from the beginning was to better align Timeless with the spirit of meditation. That means minimalist design, and features built around true functionality. We tried to remove anything unnecessary, while more carefully thinking through the core experiences. Our multi-courses, guided sessions, personal practice timer, and progress stats and goals all benefited from a streamlined design that ultimately allowed us to introduce more content and tools. We also introduced a new Community feature, with the goal of helping practitioners bring their practices out into the world. We’re very excited, and we’re thrilled to hear your feedback and questions. Thanks for helping us make Timeless as useful and delightful as possible! - Arthur (& The Team at Timeless)
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Gini Stout Van SiclenAdjunct Faculty, Naropa University
Timeless is so good! The guided meditations are really pleasant, and they make meditation accessible--you don't have to be a guru! I always have a better day when I use Timeless. Disclosure: Arthur, the designer, is my son. However, that's not why I wrote this review--I wrote it because the app is awesome and makes the world better!