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Todo list meets calendar

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Brandon Gadoci@bgadoci · data.world
Nice. I built something similar a while back. People seem to really want a solution like this. Mine was/is http://taskk.it.
Libor Vašíček@liborvasicek · GDRRset.com / co-founder
dead site
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
Seems like a nice replacement for a calendar for those on a "maker" rather than a "manager" schedule.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Beautiful looking design. These apps are usually very hard to adopt because they usually try to replace existing tools and drastically change daily behaviors rather than supplement.
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
Yeah, I can never stick to one myself, but I think that's because I mostly use a calendar and have a lot of meetings. Back when I was mostly writing code and designing things all day I think I would have loved this.