A simple and powerful image organizer 🖼️

Tiat is a simple and powerful image organizer, build for designers, photographers and magpies. Tiat can handle millions of images with high performance and smooth user experence. You can organize the images in many ways, and easy to find them when you need.

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How do you keep our data private @eddiehsu? I can't seem to find any Privacy Policy and Terms listed on your site 🤔
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@amrith Hi, Tiat do not upload anything to server (in fact, we don't have any server now :D), so all your data will be private. If we want collect some data in the future to improve UX, we will provide a Privacy Policy like you said. But I think that is limited to the analysis of general operations. Any data that may have sensitive information (like image, name, path, tag, album name...etc) will not be uploaded. We will not do something like Google Photo :)
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am i missing something there nothing to download or even a product ?
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@r3djok3r1 Oops! It looks like a browser issue on Firefox@mac. I just fixed it and it works fine now :)
can Tiat be portable? so i can run it on portable harddisk
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Love that you have a Linux version, it looks great! Any plans for cloud storage such as S3 and Digitalocean Spaces?
@scotty_bowler Thank you, Linux version is coming soon! Personal cloud storage is already in our roadmap. For now, you can use Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or other services instead.
@eddiehsu ah, from the logos on your site it looks like you already support Linux
@scotty_bowler Sorry for the misunderstanding, just want Linux users to know we will support it :)
can you let me know when it goes live (happy for you to add me to a newsletter scott@chooseholly.com
@scotty_bowler sure I will :D