Throttle for iOS

Control your email and have a cleaner inbox

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I'm amazed at the ability of Throttle to clean my inbox, and having on iOS now will be a joy. Alex Obenauer is one of the best designers I know (check out his newsletter!) and his projects are always streamlined and beautiful.
Okay, this actually looks bangorang - a legit potential competitor to Gmail for my iPhone real estate. @ThrottleHQ @kikischirr @jebschiefer @alexobenauer
Thanks for hunting, Kiki! Hey PH — You may remember us from our web launch in January: Now we're launching our mobile app! Throttle is a service that allows you to: — Control who can send you email in an airtight way — Find out who tries to sell or share your email address (and shut them down) — Combine all the mass mailings you receive into one single daily digest email — And most importantly, stop giving out your email address online It solves the root of the email volume problem in a pretty slick way, see how in the overview here: We worked on Mail Pilot for years, and helped people control their inboxes more intuitively, but came to the realization that the problem comes way before the inbox. The email volume problem comes from the fact that we give out our email address online, and have no control over who puts what in our inboxes. So we came up with a solution that stops the problem before it even hits your inbox. — The browser extension will automatically generate unique email addresses all over the web for you to use — when making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, etc. — All the messages that Throttle receives for you at these addresses are sent to you in a single daily digest email. Plus, you can read them anytime in your Throttle reading list — When you hit "Revoke Access" next to any sender, Throttle shuts down the unique email address they were given to reach you. It's instantaneous. No more "unsubscribe" — they, nor anyone they give your address to — has any way into your inbox. — Plus, Throttle will alert you when someone sells or shares your email address, so you know to put "Revoke Access" to use! Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and we look forward to helping you win back all that time lost to email every week!
@alexobenauer Downloaded! Why do you need my email if this is a way to avoid giving out my email? Also – why even write username as the placeholder text for a field that requires an email address?
@alexobenauer Unable to complete the last step of the tutorial where you use the extension fails because of an error about being unable to use the web version of throttle with a free account. Also, do you have any plans to assist with migration from competition like and Sanebox?

We will see