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Thrive is a new kind of productivity app that will help solve some of the problems that stand between us and our most ambitious goals. It can help visualise decisions, split goals into actionable steps, save ideas and more.
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🥇 Just got the Thrive app and it’s amazing! Finally a good way to collect, organize and visualize your thoughts in a private & easy way. The app has everything you need, but here are a few things I hope to see in the near future: - iCloud integration to sync data between devices - The ability to reorder goals, and tasks inside a goal - A way to mark goals as low / medium / high priority or to sort them by time left - Daily notifications to help focus on those goals, perhaps powered by each goal’s reason - An Apple Watch app that pairs with Thrive on iOS - The ability to add goals, decisions and ideas inline to each category. Maybe adding a plus to the right of each category would make UX easier - The ability to skip the wait time globally (even if for an hour) rather than just once, especially when you’re importing stuff from reminders - The ability to share and collaborate on a goal with someone else - Nesting steps inside a goal - Setting a deadline for steps inside a goal (some might be more time sensitive than the others) I highly recommend it, especially considering the privacy-focused approach.
@alex_doda Hey Alex, I’m really glad you like it and definitely grateful for the feedback. iCloud integration is something I actually started on, especially since I’m looking at a mac app too, but I have to make sure it works reliably (Apple doesn’t give developers a lot of control and I have to be careful not to mess up your data after you worked hard to maintain your goals for weeks or months), and also make it optional for people who want to just keep their data local. But it’s definitely on the roadmap. Reordering and priority are definitely good ideas and shouldn’t be hard to do. Notifications will indeed need to get more useful than this, and that’s a good suggestion. Apple watch app is something I am considering but only if there is enough demand for it. Sharing goals should be pretty easy, collaborating is not something I can do in the near future. It’d mean having an account, storing your data on a remote server, which means security risks and all sorts of difficulties. Deadlines I think are a great idea. What do you mean by nesting though? Thanks again for all this feedback and if you liked the app, leaving a review and sharing it will really help in these early days.
@cristianmoisei For the Apple Watch app, at least a notifications companion would be nice. I know a ton of people use Apple Watch in the US. In terms of nesting, for example if you have a goal with steps, some steps might depend on other steps. So by being able to nest steps underneath each other, it could help better organize goals. Another idea I would love to see is when you add a reason, the app could analyze that string and give the user suggested content on how to get closer to their goal. For collaboration, I would recommend looking into Google Firebase - they can handle the whole authentication, database, storage, etc. It's pretty dope! Plus if / when you integrate authentication, you'll have an easier way to market to your users and give them value-based content. And one last thing I would suggest, as an internet marketer, make the app free. You could do it so that it's free with up to 3 goals and up to X steps per goal for example, with an in-app upgrade. That will make a huge difference in growth. Also left a 5 stars rating on the AppStore. 😉 Cheers! Alex
@alex_doda I've saved all that feedback and I'll definitely consider it as I keep working on the app. I have thought of a free + upgrade model too but I'd like to see how a simple upfront payment performs first. Thanks again.
@cristianmoisei Great! A few other things that popped up as I was using the app today: - When you start growing your goals list, it would be easier if there was a search bar that deep searches both for goals title and steps titles - When adding steps, it's not possible to backspace to delete an empty step. A common user may not think to swipe left - It would be nice to have a way to "complete" an idea rather than having to just delete it when it's been achieved. Also maybe converting an idea to a goal would be cool - When you have a lot of goals, rather than listing them all, perhaps it could show just 3-5 of them with a "View All" link. The ones shown on the front page could either be the closest ones, or those marked by the user with a star; Cheers! Alex
@abrupted Hey Alex, I've been working on iCloud sync since launch, seeing how a lot of people requested it, and I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in trying a beta version once that's ready. I expect to have it ready within a few days, then a full launch in a week or two.
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For the past few months I've been working on a productivity app that I hope will help solve some the issues that prevent us from achieving our biggest goals: • tackle your most ambitious goals Make your goals seem less monumental and vague by thinking of the steps required to achieve them and working on one at a time. • save and organise ideas Save all your big ideas and quick thoughts throughout the day. • visualise your hardest decisions Make big decisions more manageable by visualising the impact of each option on the parts of your life you care most about. You can also use it to take notes, get automatic stats on your progress and more. I would love to know what you think and I plan on continuing to develop this based on the feedback I receive. I've already saved all the feedback shared as comments and there's also feedback board here: (FeedBear are a great product for making feedback boards)
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Will this app come out for Android? @cristianmoisei
@dav48 Hey David, if the app does well enough then yes. I’m not an Android developer myself but someone already approached saying they’d be interested in collaborating on an Android version. I also have plans to bring it to the Mac later in the year however. In the meantime, if you know any iPhone users that you think will like this, let them know. It’d be a huge help.
Android app?
Hey @johndesk27 As I was saying earlier, if the app does well enough, I'd be happy to look at bringing it to Android, but I'm not an Android developer myself so that's not planned for the near future. I am looking at a Mac release though.