Trigger automated behavior-driven emails (by SendGrid).

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Hadn't seen this! As a user of Segment and still on the hunt for a marketing automation software this might just check all the right boxes. Does this pass information back to Segment? Like opens, clicks ect?
@jpknegtel Not today, but we are working with Segment to offer this functionality because we know it's valuable. Today, Threads consumes from Segment only.
@andrewbsmith I have to say, I was a little surprised it wasn't integrated with my Sendgrid account
@andrewbsmith - could you give us the backstory of this please :) What is the most common piece of feedback you have received so far? Also, what kind of information would you like to gain from the Product Hunt audience :)
@bentossell Threads by SendGrid is a new automated messaging platform that allows you to send email messages, webhooks and slack notifications in response to user behavior in real time. Designed to streamline developer effort and empower marketers, Threads offers endless event flexibility. As far as feedback we'd like: Let us know whether you're using automated messaging today, and if so, how? What pain points do you experience? Do you partner with your marketing team to make this messaging happen?
We'd love for you guys to check out Threads and share your thoughts with us. You can track 500 profiles for free... forever!
Intercom does something very similar I believe - never the less the UI is slick, reminds me of dropbox a bit.
@rickats Thanks, Rick - we are continuing to tweak the UI to make it even better. Check back soon!
This is roughly we were looking for... Will try this with the team and send you guys some feedback.
@leanux_bala awesome, we'd love that! Our support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat should you have questions. If you're available to set up a call we'd love to talk more about your engagement needs.