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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Documentary Addict is another huge time sink for the curious.
joshspragueI like democratized stuff
I liked their break down of values based around independence: "Self-hosted: This website does not use nor support corporate “communication networks” such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. We run our own servers and maintain an independent software platform for publishing—insofar as it’s possible to do on the Internet of corporate-controlled gateways or ISPs. We run this site entirely on Open Source Software and embrace the notion of Creative Commons and Freedom of Information. Self-funded: We don’t run advertising on our site because we find it repugnant, compromising and unwanted. All our costs are entirely covered by funds put up by site administrators, editors and sometimes by generous user donations. Thank you! We don’t receive any outside funds of any type, and we don’t receive nor would we accept money from any corporate or government entities. Self-directed: Thought Maybe is self-directed, independent and autonomous. It is a labour of love run by a small crew of dedicated activists throughout the world. We have no affiliations and are not part of any organisation or group, which means no vested interest, which means we can publish what is needed without interference, censorship or vetoing. We don’t work with any commercial organisations, religious groups, political parties, etc—we’re entirely independent and self-determined in order to remain credible, effective and honest about what we set out to achieve."
Tony AnaFilmmaker, works with startups in China.
@joshsprague - yes, that hugely impressed both my partners and myself.
Gabriel Reynard
Business Lover ✌
As a huge fan of documentaries, I'm very proud of this product. Thanks for creating it ☺.
chris bellFlight Canvas
This looks like it could be a true competitor with Netflix in the binge watching space!
Palak Zatakia
23. Building something cool.
Wow. This is great. Gonna keep me busy for a while. :)
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