Thorn Writing

Markdown and rich-text editor like writing on paper

Thorn Writing is designed for people, who love and enjoy writing. With the dual support of Markdown and Rich-text editor, this app will bring you brand new writing experience.
The v0.0.7-beta version for macOS and Windows is available now.
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Thorn Writing is still under development 🚧. Some good features will be upcoming πŸš€. Any ideas or suggestions from you guys? πŸ‘‚ We'd love to hear your feedback.
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Is there an English version?
@brandon_dfw Thanks for your reply 🀟🀟🀟. You can change language in settings. The localization for English might be not complete. If possible, I need you guys to help me to improve itπŸ™. And sorry for that the documentation is not available now, but i will release it in Github repo soon.
I was working at on my research on recycling, and this tool had helped me a lot. A good markdown editor is a pretty hard thing to find on the market this days so stumbling upon something so good for free was a crazy luck! I wish I'd discovered it earlier
@eveline_heston Thank you. I feel happy that Thorn could help you. I have released v0.0.11-beta with some great improvements. And Thorn Writing with better localization support will be launched in next version (v0.0.12-beta) ! Enjoy πŸ₯³