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Dima Dewinn
Dima DewinnMaker@dimadewinn · Co-founder and CPO
Hello all, I'm Dima Dewinn, co-founder and CEO of Thngs, a place for every thing as we call it. This year we digitalized collections of major Moscow museums and makers. Our format of online exhibitions helps museums to dramatically increase the number of contacts with the audience. And it works for brand product presentations, too. Since February 2016, we produced a dozen shows: we’re about to publish them now. We start with the exhibition “Cosmos: Birth of a new era” of Russian Polytechnic Museum that was a great success, and we thought it would be wonderful if everyone can enjoy it — any time, with no limits. Enjoy!
eboy@eboy · Art Director & Illustrator.
So great!!!!
Mikael Löwgren
Mikael Löwgren@mikaellowgren · Founder RemindMeAt
Love seing all these things again! Remembered my first big investment in a high quality floppy disk. Not that I remembered any difference from the bulk ones, but the unpacking was special. Also great to see some things from the russian space program! Emagine being in space and hungry and all you have left is the Tallinn beef!