Catch up with friends with 30 second video chats

Thirty lets you have 30-second live video chats with your friends, family, and even celebrities.

How many times have you ignored phone calls just because you felt like you didn't have the time or didn't know how long they wanted to talk for? With 30, there's no reason not to answer.

Thirty is fast, easy-to-use, and just plain fun.

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Related: One of the reasons I avoid phone/video calls is because I might get caught into a long, unplanned conversation when I'm limited on time.
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@rrhoover Exactly. We're hoping this leads to more micro-conversations which in turn leads to more communication over time.

I've been using Thirty for a few days now and I love it. Can't wait to see how the product evolves!


Quick and reliable communication


Can't add friends from twitter/facebook

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Omar - thanks for checking it out! That's really great feedback actually. One of our biggest challenges out of the gate is to find ways to quickly and easily be able to use the app with friends; implementing twitter/facebook will definitely help. Thanks man!
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Hey PH! I released this app on the app store just a few days ago. I would be happy to answer any questions or hear some thoughts on it. It's a pretty straightforward concept that sounds admittedly odd at first, but once I started testing it with friends, I realized people were smiling and laughing so I figured it was worth it to pursue as I'm an iOS developer. Would love to get some thoughts! Thanks.
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@alanscarpa how did you come up with the number 30? Would I have to call the person again if 30 seconds wasn't enough?
@hermanhasawish Hi Herman. The was chosen after experimenting with a few different call times - this seemed to provide enough time to get across some communication and keep the interaction fast and fun. If you wanted more time, yes you'd have to call them again. The idea though is that it becomes an alternative way to say a quick hello to someone as opposed to wanting to share something and then it becomes a much longer conversation. Nothing wrong with having long conversations - and we actually hope it facilitates more communication between distant friends.
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Clever idea :) Not afraid to admit that I am definitely one of those people who has "missed" a call because I was afraid it was going to last for 30+ minutes.
@daviswbaer Thanks Davis! Yea, I think it works both ways too. I think sometimes people don't make calls because they don't feel like they have enough to say to justify it - and also the receivers assume that a lot will be said, leading to missed communications. The paradox is that we hope the restriction of 30 seconds actually leads to more communication.
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