Thirdwatch by Razorpay

Prevent COD frauds using the power of AI

Thirdwatch by Razorpay is an AI-powered solution for e-commerce businesses to reduce Return-To-Origin (RTO) and improve order fulfillment rates by tracking suspicious activities, identifying non-deliverable addresses and detecting impulse purchases.
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👋Hello Product Hunters! My name is Shashank, founder of Razorpay and I’m super excited to launch our latest product Thirdwatch on ProductHunt At Razorpay, we serve thousands of ecommerce businesses with their payments requirements. While ordering especially through cash on delivery is convenient for customers placing orders on online platforms or for those who still harbour mistrust for pre-payments, it leaves online sellers vulnerable to losing money and orders due to Return-To-Origin, i.e., orders that are returned to the seller. Return-To-Origin not only means the seller loses a sale but also leaves online sellers vulnerable to losing money and orders. What this results in is a scenario where the SMB engaged in online retail loses a sale and additionally has to cover the cost of delivery and return even as the product is stuck in transit for an extended period of time. While this would be harmful enough in the ordinary course of affairs, for a small seller who can hardly afford such costs, it becomes even more difficult to absorb costs of order cancellation, especially in the case of cash on delivery. Keeping that in mind, I’m stoked to announce that Razorpay has acquired Gurgaon-based ThirdWatch, an AI-powered fraud prevention startup. Using Thirdwatch helps prevent RTO by countering: 🔎 Non-deliverable addresses - Identifies incorrect or incomplete addresses entered accidentally 🕵️‍♂️ Fraud orders - Catches fake orders by analysing multiple parameters like junk details & history patterns 📦 Impulse purchases - Detects irregular purchase patterns to signal a high probability of return or cancellation. Here are some of the salient features provided by Thirdwatch - ✅Go-live within minutes. One-click integration for Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. REST APIs and SDKs also available ✅Leverage the power of big data & AI to analyse parameters of transactions ✅Map transactions with proprietary algorithms derived from historical data to arrive at a risk score of every customer ✅Automate decisions on risky orders ✅Receive actionable insights in real time to take decisions and process/decline orders We’re also offering a 15-day trial period to the Product Hunt community. Sign up now to avail the offer. We look forward to your invaluable feedback. And as the night gathers, our watch begins. 🕵️‍♂️
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@shashank_kr : just wanted to congratulate on your RazorPay product. It is a good payment integration which many businesses seamlessly use
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@shashank_kr @gansai9 Thank you! We do hope that businesses find Thirdwatch useful in minimizing COD refunds and increasing profitability.
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This is a necessary evil for all businesses who process transactions and seems like a natural next step for company which is growing like crazy. Stripe has Radar and Razorpay now has Thirdwatch 💸⛔️
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@ussumant could not agree with you more!
As a customer of Razorpay, I am excited about this product. Although I would like to know, how Razorpay's planning to tackle better chargeback fraudulent in future?
@kkkosariya thank you for your support and encouragement! We have quite a few features in the roadmap and will share them with you in due course.
This looks so much promising. Looking forward to get hands on it. 😍