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Thingtesting is a place to find, explore and support new brands and startups on Instagram. The posts give both a consumer and a VC review on the product. The account was started by a London-based VC, Jenny Gyllander from Backed, to enlighten your meme filled instafeed! 🥑

Hunter Walk called her "The Best VC on Instagram".

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Aishwarya Iyer
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  • Pros: 

    Excellent, beautiful and honest reviews from both sides of the table at once.



    The beautiful well curated content constantly blows me away. How can you make something this simple so great! I just wish there was now of it, luckily I don't think she'll run out of products to test.

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  • Aishwarya Iyer
    Aishwarya IyerLiving in a golden state with Brightland

    Thoughtful, thought-provoking, clean, beautiful imagery and forward-leaning


    Jenny does not live in LA!

    I think Jenny is really onto something very special with Thingtesting. I met Jenny in LA after connecting with her on IG and shared the Brightland story and vision with her...and a bottle of Brightland as well. She wrote a thoughtful, honest and wonderful post about Brightland and every time I see a post of hers, I am always inspired and excited to read + learn. Thank you for creating Thingtesting, Jenny!

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  • Kalle Freese
    Kalle FreeseCo-Founder at Sudden Coffee

    Great reviews, beautiful design


    Not posting every day

    I came across Thingtesting in June and have been following since. Great place for discovering new products. I love Jenny's insightful reviews both from consumer and VC's perspective.

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  • Pros: 

    Beautiful and consistent brand design, amazing reviews - useful and cool!


    would enjoy more posts

    I came across Thingtesting a few months ago, and have since looked to it to find new products, but more frequently than that to honestly just entertain myself- the posts and reviews are fun, and informative. I find it super honest and I like the dual-sided review (as a "normal" customer, as well as as a VC). There's nothing else like it out there - follow it!

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  • Pros: 

    Visual, concise, clear reviews that provide direction


    none for me!

    I find myself looking forward to new posts, as we seem to have similar tastes/curiosities! Very relevant, very helpful, and especially enjoy the VC perspective (as I am also a VC)

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  • Ilona Mooney
    Ilona MooneyI like doing things that actually matter

    Genuine and honest reviews of products I haven't heard of, but I wish I had.


    Would love old twitter char limited tl;dr version

    Jenny has created a new model for what VCs should do: She is helping cool companies get exposure in a beautiful way, rather than just promoting their own portfolio companies. More importantly, she is making VC thinking concrete, practical and accessible, rather than keeping the analysis behind closed doors. I wish more people had the courage to start companies, so giving access to this kind of insight is invaluable.

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  • Ro Jackson
    Ro JacksonFounder of SLOWE

    Beautifully designed, thoughtful and help reviews about products I want to hear about


    ...there's only one Jenny?

    I've been following Thingtesting since near the beginning and, tbh, it's ridiculous this wasn't a thing before now. I've purchased a couple of products off the back of reviews and had a suggestion reviewed. Jenny is super knowledgable and open to chatting about the things!

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  • Pros: 

    Visual, topical content on new products from tech to wellness


    Product reviews are most interesting for affluent urban lifestyles

    Short product reviews and essays, made lots of new discoveries

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  • Joe Duncko
    Joe DunckoCEO @ The Event Discovery Company

    Really insightful product posts from a VC perspective (you don't normally see this!)

    The pictures themselves are a hip pastel


    I don't use Instagram, and it doesn't seem like Insta has an RSS feed

    I would love to find more content that connects product / user facing stuff to market-level stuff.

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  • Pros: 

    Very inspirational! In my role I am always looking for innovative brands to partner with. Jenny's page is the perfect place to start!



    Love the idea

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  • Tomasz Piotrowski
    Tomasz PiotrowskiCEO&Co-founder of GarageStore

    Perfect photos and reviews from both VC and client



    Perfectly executed review instablog - I just love it!

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  • Francis Pedraza
    Francis PedrazaAt Invisible

    So clean. Immediately "get" the product and can make a snap decision about whether it is for me or not.


    Can't buy direct on Insta!

    I wish Jenny could turn Thingtesting into an ecommerce experience where I could buy the things I see!

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  • Emilie Spire
    Emilie SpireInvestor at Felix Capital

    Sharp, Smart and Sweet


    Would love to see more of it! Daily posts?

    One of the best Instagram account I followed, pioneering a new format to share smart content in an aesthetic way

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  • Pros: 

    Awesome content!


    No cons

    I love the product reviews, always something interesting and new!

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  • Pros: 

    Awesome and authentic reviews



    It gives me the daily dose of awesome new products reviewed by one of the top VCs in Europe

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  • Bianca Monaco
    Bianca MonacoProduct Manager

    The images are so well done and the descriptions are a new perspective on products


    Wish there was more

    I found this on instagram and now check it every day.

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