The Y Combinator Database 2.0

Everything you ever wanted to know about YC companies


The most comprehensive and up-to-date public dataset on Y Combinator companies, with all batches from 2005 to 2018. Maintained by Snappr.

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Tin Hang Liu
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  • Emme SINGER
    Emme SINGERMaking space

    The TAKE ME TO A RANDOM COMPANY button. That kept me from researching the (same-old) basic handful of YC companies I'm aware of.


    Add lists from the opposite end: LEAST popular; LEAST funded; LEAST GROWTH; LEAST influential. Then we can draw some conclusions, takeaways.

    Correction: Add the word LIKE to this sentence in the right sidebar: "See what [Slinkset's] website looked LIKE around the time of their S08 demo day."

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  • Loc Nguyen
    Loc NguyenFreelance marketer, loves code & numbers

    Comprehensive with some interesting rankings and statistics


    Unsure yet how to query programmatically

    Very good visualization of the rankings and the statistics as well. However, for something called "DB", one would expect there to be an API - maybe it exists, but I'm just being silly.

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  • Sher Kandov
    Sher KandovCS B.S.,software engineer, indie hacker.

    Really pretty good to use as a resource for companies research


    It would awesome to also have some info about companies pitches (powering or smth else). And not be limited only by YC, 500Startups?

    Overall, really useful resource. Peace :D

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  • Pros: 

    Comprehensive and well presented


    Not sure yet

    Great design, great idea

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