The Weed Stash

A directory of resources & info for cannabis connoisseurs

The Weed Stash is a hand-picked list of cannabis/internet resources such as Social Networks for weed enthusiasts or best Vaporizer webshops, just to mention a couple. TWS goal is to promote best Cannabis/internet products and create community within the Cannabis entrepreneurs, creatives and connoisseurs.

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So awesome how Startup Stash inspired @craigjbarber to create Makerbook! Now this also inspired @chusmargallo who created a directory for cannabis connoisseurs, looks awesome! Right up @snoopdogg's alley I believe ;) Oh, and of course this is "Made in Amsterdam" 🙌
@eriktorenberg thanks for spreading the word :D
Looks like @svickers of Leafly already upvoted this. I'm really interested to see how open and positive technology impacts the drug communities.
@toobulkeh Yes! @svickers upvoted this :) Yes, me too. I think products as MassRoots or Highthere are already showing a really interesting path to explore. Let's see how this goes
Thanks for hunting @bramk! The Weed Stash is a directory of resources and information for cannabis connoisseurs. It includes around 50 products and 8 categories. Every products is handpicked and we've just chosen high quality sites in content and UX We thought it would be funny to do “The Startup Stash of Cannabis” as a way to highlight that the Cannabis Culture is not so well represented in Internet as other Growing Cultures. For the same reason it’s a useful site to find all these (good content & UX cannabis related) sites in just one place. We wanted to create a really simple first version of the site with just the main categories to see the response of the community as soon as possible, but we are already working on four categories more and we are planning to do proper detail pages of each product (as our big brother does). We are looking forward to receive some feedback :)
Hey there We just want to announce we've updated TheWeedStash with more content and new categories. Our plan is to continue adding new stuff in the upcoming weeks. We want to say thanks to everybody at Product Hunt. We are still astonished by the great feedback we've received. Special big thanks to those who upvote us and those who gave us more information ( @jonnotie, @toobulkeh , @siddygups, @osmanify, @eriktorenberg , just to mention a few). We aren't forgetting to say thanks to these new additions in TWS either: as MedSpoon, Dave or Medipen. And last but not least, @Bramk, thanks for being our first and biggest supporter dude :) We hope you like the new content! Bests,
is any WordPress theme that can create a site similar to this?