Vervoe helps startups hire the right people in 4 days, not 40. The "Experts Community" is a place to share your hiring expertise with startups, and design on-the-job simulations startups can use to quickly identify top applicants.

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Thanks for hunting us Nichole! Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m Omer, co-founder and CEO of Vervoe. We're so excited to launch this community of seasoned tech folks who are willing to share their hiring expertise with startups (by designing interview scripts others can borrow from our library). If you're part of the community, you: +Earn royalties when startups use interview questions you write 💰 +Receive recognition as an expert in your field +Play a role in making startup hiring fairer, with less bias 💪 We've seen again & again that assessment-based hiring levels the playing field for candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, since it gives all applicants a chance to prove themselves. Our customers frequently tell us they hired people who previously wouldn't have made it past the initial resume screening. If you believe in increasing diversity in tech, this is an amazing way to contribute to the movement. Lastly, we'd also love your opinions and feedback. Here are a few questions we have: -What should authors be paid each time startups use their scripts to hire? -What sort of support can we offer to make it easier for authors to write great scripts? -Who's the best person in your field when it comes to assessing talent? (we'd love to meet him/her) -Omer
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@omermolad Awesome to see this launched 🚀
@omermolad Very interesting approach, signing up soon to see how I can contribute. Btw, onboarding is super-cool. Did you build it in-house or used another tool to create a chatbot like onboarding process?
@adithya Do you mean the interactive landing page? We used
@omermolad @adithya +1. Love the interactive landing page.

I wrote a script for their Experts Community for hiring a Customer Success Consultant for an early-stage SaaS and to my surprise someone bought it within a week or two. Delightful experience!


I was able to easily write a script and I already got paid for it!


Their platform is super new so of course there's a few things to iron out. :)

I've always been a believer in actually testing a candidate's skills before hiring them. I ask content candidates to do a sample blog post as part of the interview process. It's great to see a company recognizing this is important and creating a usable system to accomplish this at scale.
@carahogan27 Thanks Cara! Looking forward to seeing your content assessments 😉
I know the whole Vervoe team and I believe they're building something that in time will grow to a very recognizable authority in what they do. The experts community is one of those things that you want to be in early on, because later you might benefit from it in a huge way. For anyone who wants to be recognized as an expert and grow their influence, this is a must. Given it will only take a little bit of time and you might be the first person to contribute with your expertise for your specific niche. When you establish yourself early on as a top authority within the community, you will grow with it and come out at top as it gets bigger and bigger.
@kuzeljan Thanks Jan!!
From experience, I know that hiring is daunting and I am so happy to see how Vervoe helps improve this process. I ask questions before and during interviews, but the Experts Community makes things easier to manage and saves a lot of time. Thanks for creating this!
@eugenoprea Thanks Eugen! Looking forward to seeing the assessment scripts you write. Will you be focusing on helping startups test skills in CRO, email marketing, or something else?
@omermolad I think that I will start with something on email marketing.