The ToDon't List

A to-do list for avoiding the things you shouldn't be doing

#5 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2018

The to-do list app that helps you avoid stuff you really shouldn’t be doing. The key to unlocking productivity isn’t doing tasks, it’s avoiding them. Doing nothing has never felt so good!

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Hey PH! In recent years, the focus on mental health has risen to previously unimaginable levels. This could be blamed on the state of the economy, the political climate, or even just “millennials,” because...sure. Regardless of the cause, the attention towards mental health has led to a stronger desire for healthy, anxiety-free lifestyles. Happiness, not money, has quickly become the new measure for success. When we set out to make ToDon’t, we didn't just want to be another productivity (or anti-productivity) app, we wanted to make real change. In an independent study that we conducted, we found twenty college students who were willing to make ToDon’t lists of at least five items, each day for one week. We required that all of the students committed to avoiding the tasks they listed, and had them track any emotional effects that this had. At the end of the week, we asked the students if they felt happier, less anxious and overall better. Nineteen out of twenty said yes. We saw lots of ToDon’t items like “do not text my ex”, “do not check my email after 6PM”, and “do not eat sugar”, but the largest commonality we found is that people were going off social media. Just this month, Sabrina Barr of wrote an article entitled, Six Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Your Mental Health. Earlier this year, Emma Fierberg of Business Insider wrote an article entitled, I quit social media for a month — and it was the best choice I've ever made. All of these point to a greater trend of avoidance as a method of improvement. We are really excited for other people to start making ToDon’t lists and improving their happiness one day at a time. We will be here all day to answer questions and talk ToDon't.
@15greenberg Hi, is this based on any scientific literature ? I am skeptic about this having any positive effects. Also I don't see how this differs from other to do lists.
@julienreszka To answer your first part, this is based on an independent study we conducted. Regarding your second point, many others were skeptical too, but what we found is that when a person writes something down (like don’t text your ex, don’t check slack at night, don’t drink booze) they are more likely to keep it and be held accountable. As for your last point, other to do list products emphasize what you should be doing and the goal is to delete stuff from your list. With our product, not only is the goal different, but the UX is designed differently to not encourage people to check off (delete) items. I hope these answers gave some clarity.
the most important decisions you make are not the things you do – but the things that you decide not to do ---- Steve Jobs.
@awayland this is powerful 🙏
"Talk about Burning Man" Lol. Guilty 🙋🏼.
@rrhoover at least it is not as bad as "Talk about Coachella"
@15greenberg F. I do that too. cc @suzywillow
@rrhoover what about "Talk about Philz Coffee"?
@15greenberg I see what you did there 😑
@rrhoover I am all out of jokes now... or am I

Great launch animation und use of emojis. I gave you 5 stars on the App Store.


I love the idea!


To don'ts should be saved, I want to see what I have not done in the past! Also, if I have done something, I should be able to check it off

We're really excited about this project. Let us know if you have any thoughts... or stay with the theme of the app and don't 🚫