The Thousand Ether Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage as an Ethereum DApp

The Thousand Ether Homepage is a re-imagining of what the Million Dollar Homepage would look like today, using the latest Ethereum technologies. Perhaps more interestingly, it's a glimpse into the future of web technology with native integration of identity and payments right inside the browser.

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Hello Product Hunt! Andrey and I have been doing some smart contract audits, and we wanted to build a fun contract ourselves. We remembered the Million Dollar Homepage from 12 years ago, and decided to reimagine what it would look like today ~on the blockchain~!! Not an ICO, more of an experiment / art project. If you're looking for more details: - The smart contract itself: Other than what Nadia said, there's a couple more things that stand out to us as really cool about building this and the Ethereum DApp ecosystem in general: - It’s immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain. As long as Ethereum is around, your ad slot will be yours to do with it what you please. No need to rely on us to run the service indefinitely. - There’s no email signups, no passwords, no credit cards. - You buy ads by calling a method on the smart contract with the correct Ether value, and tada. All done from an Ethereum-enabled browser (like the MetaMask extension or Mist/Parity. - Once you buy an ad, the DApp _knows_ who you are from the wallet integration and you can edit it without logging in explicitly. --- All the code is open source, so check out the nitty gritties:
@mveytsman this is awesome! ☝️😁
I love this for two reasons: 1) As an art piece: It's a modern take on The Million Dollar Homepage (http://www.milliondollarhomepage...) 2) As software: They built it as a decentralized app, meaning ads are served directly from the Ethereum blockchain. There is no backend. Bought myself a little lion at the bottom 🦁 Side note: fun way to learn how to spend Ethereum!
@tewy! Your vision reborn on the blockchain!
@tewy Hey! I tweeted you a few weeks back before we launched but couldn't get a hold of you for an early preview. Let us know what you think. :)
Thanks for sharing this, Nadia! Max and I released our little experiment this week. It has been super interesting to build. The ad buying experience truly *feels* like magic, even if we ignore all the blockchain-y stuff. Happy to answer questions! Also we put together an FAQ here:
I was just thinking about doing this a few days ago 😂 Brilliant idea, and well executed!