The Tech Caucus

A weekly newsletter that polls tech's leaders anonymously

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Hey everyone, This is a little experiment I've wanted to try or a while. The Tech Caucus is a weekly newsletter that polls ~50 of the tech industry's leading investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and execs to find out what's on the collective mind of tech's leaders. Caucus members are public (listed at the bottom of each newsletter), but their quotes are anonymous. This frees them up to provide candid, unfiltered insight. I want to thank the Caucus members for agreeing to do this -- it's an incredible group, I'm honored they'd say yes to this. The newsletter drops every Wednesday (so tomorrow!). Here's the first edition, from last week: Let me know what you think!
This is a great idea! I'm interested to see how the group's "anonymous" commentary differs from musings that are attributed back to the person.
Very cool. I got a lot of value out of reading the first edition. Thanks!
@joshdance Thank you! Send me feedback on tomorrow's edition!
I really like this idea. @benparr published the first edition of the digest last week, where he asked questions about diversity, CES, and πŸ‘. (EDITED my comment -- I found the first digest)
@rrhoover Yes! First edition is right here: