The Superbook

The Ultimate Laptop Dock for Android Devices

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This is when iOS users are kicking themselves (me included) :)
The team behind Andromium just launched this nifty 'shell' that turns any Android phone into a full-functioning laptop. Motorola and Microsoft have tried something like this, but this is the first one for Android devices that add the desktop ui and at this price.
Thanks! @_jacksmith. We're live today on Kickstarter, would love to answer questions. If you're in SF this week, swing by our offices and we can do a live demo.
@_jacksmith you beat me to it Jack!
I played with the Superbook in-person last night, super well done and surprisingly low price. I might have to switch to Android!
@quan where did you had this chance ;) ?
@razialo pre-launch party at 500 Startups
Hey Superbook, I just saw this on kickstarter. I have a Nexus 6P, will the superbook work with a Type C phone?
Yep! It works with Type C and Micro B Android phones. If you ave USB OTG support, it should work.
amazing product. The plug-and-play design makes the device easily shareable. I'm getting two for my family.