Each year, Pendo and Product Collective survey a global audience of product leaders to better understand the craft and evolution of product management. This year's report uncovers new findings on success metrics, effectiveness, career aspirations, and more.
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I feel it is important to know the scale of this survey to determine if it is truly meaningful or representative for a viewer. How many people were surveyed and from what geographies? It says a global audience but that is quite broad. Is this data derived from 100 respondents in two countries or 50,000 respondents from 20 countries? I don't know from the slides or description of the deck at present. That would be useful and important to know.
@sh1985 Thanks Sean! The research is based off of surveying 600 technology product management executives and managers from software and enterprise companies, with respondents representing companies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Thanks for your question!
We're excited to unveil this research on how the role of Product Managers and Product Leaders are evolving! This year's report incorporates feedback from product people not just within North America, but throughout the world. There were a few surprising pieces uncovered, too!
@belsito Love it! Always wanna know more of the difference for the pm discipline between regions.
@alt_nataliya Thanks a lot, Nataliya!