The State of Product Leadership 2019

How the role of the software Product Manager is evolving

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2019

A collaboration between Pendo and Product Collective, we surveyed 300 people who lead software product teams. We asked about their responsibilities, effectiveness, organizational structure, career path, and satisfaction. This ebook includes some of the most useful things we uncovered, including helpful visuals to easily digest it all.

  • Pros: 

    UI is nice.


    Downloading is only possible if you agree to receive email updates.

    I'd be really interested to read the study but don't like how downloading is blocked if you don't agree to receive an email newsletter. I'm assuming the email newsletter is part of a sales pitch or some kind of drip campaign.

    John Farrell has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    What I saw was interesting. To bad I cannot get more.


    The "Get the Study" button just takes me to the top of the page.

    There was a reference in the comments to "fill out the form", but I don't see a form.

    Jerry Odenwelder has used this product for one day.
Are you seriously forcing me to receive updates from Pendo and Product Collective to get the study? Come on.
@mrdobelina Hey Filippo... if you prefer not to get updates, you're welcome to email me directly at mike [at] productcollective dot com. Happy to share it with you directly.
We're thrilled to be able to share this with everybody! There's not a lot of research that's actively done on the field of product management -- so we're hoping that this can really be helpful to those that are product managers, aspire to be, or simply are interested in the field.
@belsito The "Get the study" form is getting completely hidden by Ad Blockers (tested with uBlock Origin on Chrome). Very interesting stuff ;)
@artfloriani Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I was a bit perplexed as most people can access the page fine, but some were having issues. Now I know what they were probably experiencing. I appreciate it
@artfloriani @belsito Hi Arthur, I work for Pendo...thanks for the heads up on this. This issue should be resolved. Hope you enjoy the report!
@belsito @laurabaverman Working properly now, thanks for the quick update :)
When I click in "Get the study" it simply scrolls back to the top of the page.
@cebols Hmm... did you fill all of the info out? I just tested it again and it's working for me. If you email me at mike [at] productcollective dot com, I can certainly get you the study! Sorry for that issue.
@cebols I did learn that it may be an ad blocker issue! We're seeing if there's anything that can be done on our end, but for now -- if you do have an issue, please try to turn off your ad blocker first. But again, happy to email the report to anyone who has an issue. Sorry for the hassle!
@belsito Hey Mike, Thanks for reaching out. Sorry, I didnt even think it could be an adblocker issue. Just tried with it off and worked great. Thanks!
@cebols Ah, I'm glad that it helped! Sorry for the hassle there!
@cebols @belsito Hi Felipe, I work for Pendo...thanks for the heads up on this. This issue should be resolved. Hope you enjoy the report!
Submitted my information to get it and got a 404 and no download.
@redkeg Really? That definitely shouldn't happen! Email me at mike [at] productcollective dot com and I'd be happy to send it to you right away.