The Startup Way

The new book from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

From New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, The Startup Way explores how the practices of successful startups can apply to any organization looking to navigate the uncertain waters of the twenty-first century. The new book explores how any company, regardless of size or industry, can act entrepreneurially.

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How have you had time to write this and start a company (LTSE), @ericries? Do you have any productivity tips to share because I'm trying to find more time in my life. 😊
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@rrhoover 2017 has been a totally crazy year for me - and not just because the world is on fire New book βœ… New company βœ… New baby πŸ‘Ά Absolutely not recommended from a lifestyle POV. I’m only able to do all this because I have a remarkable team that supports me
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Keith @Rabois recently had an interesting answer to a question that has made me think a lot: > Q: You have strong, original opinions on a lot of things. What's a trend or idea that you've changed your mind on, and what caused you to change your mind? > > A: One example: I used to believe in metrics-driven organization vs. vision/design driven. Specifically, I originally susbscribed to Reid Hoffman's view that the first version of a product should be embarrassing etc. I am now much more of an advocate of an Apple "details mattter" philosophy. Reading The Score Takes Care of Itself and working w Jack Dorsey converted me. > > (Source: Do you think that a vision/design-driven company where "details matter" is compatible with your philosophies? What are your thoughts on this?
@rabois @philipithomas It absolutely is. You need to include the 'details that matter' in your definition of 'viability' for your MVP. E.g if you are building an MVP for a health data app, you probably need your early customers to trust that your are a professional organization and that they can trust you with their data. For this MVP some investment in e.g. branding and UX may be core to it's viability. Remember, that you can always descope what your product does, but 'how' your product delivers that value may be critical for a valid experiment.
@ericries Lean Startup was a game changer for me, and not even just for building products, but as a general mindset. Just purchased this book, I look forward to reading it.
@rueter thank you!

Thank you, @ericries, for dedicating these last few years to gleaning and distilling your experiences and insights for the whole world's benefit. Congratulations on your new baby!


Profound, actionable insights resounding with truth. Every bit as useful as The Lean Startup, if not more so. Very impressed!


This wasn't available years ago.

What had inspired you to come up with this book?
@mykola_tymkiv I just wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past 5+ years working with startups of all sizes