The Startup Tapes

Candid, immersive chats on the highs & lows of startup life

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Hi, maker here. I’m a long-time PH fan (in fact it was a key influence behind me attempting this project at all), so I made an extra 4th video secretely available for Product Hunters at Happy to answer any & all questions about the project!
Nice, @timanglade! Who would be your dream guest?
@rrhoover you! But, you're the only one who hasn't said yes yet :p I'd also love to chat with Chrys Bader about his experience building Secret, and Leslie Miley @ Slack about building (engineering) cultures. If the PH community has any suggestions, I'm all ears!
Awesome! Have been waiting for a new podcast like this (production quality, topical, etc) since Kevin Rose stopped filming Foundation. Subscribed!
@nurihodges wow, that's big shoes to fill 😄 I was a huge fan of diggnation and the foundation podcasts, I hope I live up to them!
Thanks for the warm welcome so far! Are there any topics or guests you’d like to see me cover next?