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I launched The Startup Button as a way for entrepreneurs to share their products/startups in a fun and engaging way. Since the initial launch on Product Hunt, the site has had thousands of submissions, 120,000+ button clicks and a fantastic amount of feedback from the community. Today I present to you The Startup Button 2.0. It's what the original site should have been and boasts a slew of new features that have been requested since day one. A better UI, Stripe integration for featured startups, faster loading speeds and the removal of the issue many people had with seeing the same startup twice. I hope you all dig the new look. I'm around all day to answer any questions or inquiries 🙌
Congrats on the PH Launch Ryan, checked this out last night. Really looking forward to what this could turn into, especially depending on how much traffic/conversions you can drive.
@everette thanks Everette! Bit of a shame we couldn't get it featured today @rrhoover 😿